How to Get Zeraora in Pokemon Unite

The player unlocking the the zeraora unite license through a halloween event and looking at the reward details as well as zeraora in the pokemon selection menu.

Zeraora is a legendary pocket monster from the main series of Pokemon games that fans will be familiar with. You can also play as them in Pokemon Unite after unlocking them–which is easy to do.

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    How to Play as Zeraora in Pokemon Unite

    The yellow electric pokemon that looks like a bipedal cat zeraora standing in a blue area.

    If you have enough Aeos Coins, you can purchase Zeraora with in-game currency. From the main screen of the game where you are standing with your favorite Pokemon, you can find the correct menu. Press ZL to open a menu with many sub-menus.

    You will see a tab labeled “Pokemon” at the top. Select and enter it to find a Pokemon selection screen and see a colorful lineup. All of your unlocked Pokemon will be here, as well as the locked ones. Keep scrolling to the side until you find the bright yellow Zeraora.

    Zeraora will join you in battle if you have enough money to purchase their Unite License. Zeraora’s Unite License price in Pokemon Unite is 6,000 Aeos Coins.

    Getting Zeraora From the Release Event (Obsolete Method)

    Pokemon Unite launched on the Nintendo Switch with a bunch of bonus content. Zeraora showed up in one of these free bits of content. If you played Pokemon Unite on launch day or shortly after, you could have unlocked Zeraora in the past.

    Getting Zeraora From the Halloween Event

    A purple and orange menu showing you how much progress you have towards unlocking a zeraora unite license. battle wins increase the bar's progress.

    You can also unlock Zeraora’s Unite License during a Halloween event. The tab labeled “Zeraora Mission” will show a progress bar. To increase the progress bar toward unlocking the legendary Pokemon, you will have to win Unite Battles. You will need a total of 32 wins to unlock Zeraora this way.