Learning how to hatch eggs in Subnautica.

How to Hatch Eggs in Subnautica

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Hatch the eggs you collect in Subnauticaotherwise, these items will remain almost useless in your inventory. Not a lot of players know how to do this, though, or are even aware that this can be done. Here’s how.

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    Hatch Eggs in Subnautica With an Alien Containment

    To hatch eggs in Subnautica, you’ll need to build an Alien Containment interior module.

    An image of an Alient Containment module from Subnautica.

    You don’t have the knowledge to build this one from the get-go. You’ll first need to scour the world of the game and find the blueprint for it. You can find it in a databox which you’ll find in wrecks underwater around the Aurora. You may also find one in Degasi Seabases.

    Building an Alien Containment

    Craft a Habitat Builder and collect the following materials:

    • 5x Glass
    • 2x Titanium

    After acquiring everything needed to build your Alien Containment, you must also have a Multipurpose Room seabase module. This is the only place that can house an Alien Containment.

    If you don’t have the blueprint to build a Multipurpose Room yet, you can find and scan fragments of it in Degasi Seabases.

    Once the Alien Containment is built inside a suitable Multipurpose Room, you must then build a hatch on the side of the containment module. This will allow you to enter and exit the Alien Containment at your leisure.

    And you’re done. Upon entering the Alien Containment, you can then drop the eggs you have in your inventory in it. Leave them there for one to three in-game days, and those eggs will hatch on their own.

    A creature egg in an Alien Containment in Subnautica.

    Aside from allowing you to hatch eggs in Subnautica, the Alien Containment can also act as your own indoor aquarium. You can place creatures you’ve collected from the world here. Two creatures of the same species will breed if placed in one unit, making it ideal for housing edible fauna.