How to make asphalt blocks in Terraria.

How to Make Asphalt in Terraria

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An Asphalt Block is a unique block that you can craft in Terraria. Just like the other blocks in the game, Asphalt brings an interesting characteristic that will improve your gameplay. Here’s what it does and how to make one.

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    What an Asphalt Block Does

    Asphalt Block description in Terraria.

    When an Asphalt block is placed on the ground, running on it will significantly increase your running speed. Normally, without any boosts, your normal running speed is at about 15 mph. However, running on Asphalt blocks will increase your max running speed to 58 mph.

    You can make your top speed even faster by wearing Lightning Boots and Panic Necklace while running on Asphalt to reach a maximum speed of 85 mph. With this running speed, you’ll be fast enough to outrun a charging Spazmatism and many other bosses.

    The speed buff of Asphalt blocks does not, however, work with mounts.

    How to Make Asphalt in Terraria

    An Asphalt Block in the inventory.

    To create 1 Asphalt Block, you’ll need 2 Stone Blocks and 1 Gel. For your crafting station, you’ll need a Blend-O-Matic. Here’s how you can make or where you can find these items:

    • Stone Block – Found in caverns and underground layers. You can also craft them by using 4 Stone Walls on a Work Bench.
    • Gel – Dropped by slimes and Slimed Zombies
    • Blend-O-Matic – Purchased from the Steampunker for 10 Gold Coins. The Steampunker will appear after you’ve defeated one Mechanical Boss and given her a valid house to stay in.

    Once you have enough of the three items, you can basically get going and create as many Asphalt Blocks as you want. For as long as you have the Blend-O-Matic, it should be easy for you to create Asphalt Blocks since farming for Stone Blocks and Gels in various underground caverns is an easy task.