How to make stairs in Terraria.

How to Make Stairs in Terraria

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To move seamlessly from one platform to another, you’ll need to add stairs to your structures. Making them is simple, and all you’ll need is a little wood. Read on to learn how to make stairs in Terraria.

How to Make Stairs in Terraria

As soon as you start the game, one of the first things you’ll need to do, if not the very first, is to gather Wood from trees. This is all you’ll need to create your own flight of stairs later on.

As you create grounded and floating platforms, whether indoors or outdoors, make sure you leave enough Wood for staircases. Once your platforms are in place, it’s time to add your stairs.

To start off, simply place one wooden platform on the ground and continuously place another diagonally towards the direction of where you want your stairs to end up. Once the flight of stairs connects from one platform to another, you may notice that, although you can jump on the platforms, you still can’t run up to them.

Incomplete stairs in Terraria.

To solve this, simply grab your hammer and hit each platform once. After finishing this, you’ll be able to run up and down the flight of stairs with ease. You can immediately jump down the stairs simply by pressing the down button.

Making stairs in Terraria.

That’s it! Creating a flight of stairs in Terraria is very simple. You can use this guide to make a very basic, yet completely functional flight of stairs.

Now that you know how to make stairs in Terraria, moving around in your house or an outdoor structure should become easier and simpler. Have fun!