Making trees grow faster in Terraria.

How to Make Trees Grow Faster in Terraria

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Wood, which is harvested from trees, is required in order to build several different items in Terraria. If you want to excel quickly in the game, you’ll need to know how to grow trees faster in Terraria.

How to Make Trees Grow Faster in Terraria

Trees are the largest and most common plants in the game. Trees are in abundance on the surface. You can easily break them down with an axe, chainsaw, or even with the use of explosives to gather Wood. As you chop down more and more trees around your vicinity, you may find the need to have more of them closer to you. That’s what Acorns are for.

In Terraria, you can plant and grow your own trees by planting Acorns. Acorns drop from trees by cutting or shaking them and are sold by the Dryad for 10 copper coins. Acorns turn into Saplings, which then grow into a full-grown tree. Once planted, you can leave an Acord be for a couple of moments and it will eventually grow on its own. However, there are actually a few conditions that may cause a tree’s growth to be stunted or slowed. With that in mind, here are the things you need to know to make trees grow faster.

Space Them Apart

Planting trees in Terraria.

For a sapling to properly grow into a tree, you must space them apart accordingly. More specifically, each sapling needs to be three blocks apart so it can grow properly. If two saplings are anywhere closer, only one of them will grow, or neither of them will grow at all.

Do Not Put Blocks Above Them

Saplings in Terraria.

Just as a sapling needs horizontal clearance to grow, it also needs vertical clearance. Trees will require at least 16 blocks of vertical space in order to grow fully. If hindered, a tree’s growth will be stunted.

A palm tree, on the other hand, will not grow indoors. If you want your tree to reach its highest possible growth, it’s better to place it outside or allocate the proper vertical clearance for it.

Do Not Put Torches Near Them

Planting saplings in Terraria.

Putting torches near a sapling will prohibit its growth. Other blocks that require a pickaxe or drill to be removed will also have the same effect.

They Only Grow On the Surface

Growing trees in Terraria.

This may go without saying, but for the newcomers, it’s vital to note that saplings will only blossom into trees if they’re planted on the surface.

Unlike the earlier versions, trees can now grow on-screen. As long as you follow the tips mentioned above, your sapling should grow before your very eyes.