How to Make Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley.

How to Make Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley

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What does one do with truffles in Stardew Valley? Make truffle oil, of course! With this comprehensive guide on how to make truffle oil, you’ll be creating plenty of this artisan good in no time.

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    Step 1: Get Truffles

    Pigs produce truffles on your farm.

    The primary way to obtain truffles on your farm is to raise pigs. When raised to adulthood, pigs have a 99.99% chance of generating a truffle if they’re fed and standing on free tiles.

    It’s important to note that a pig will only unearth truffles under these conditions:

    • That the pig has been fed
    • The pig is free to roam outside the barn (Truffles don’t generate indoors)
    • It’s not raining or storming
    • It’s any season but winter

    A happy pig can produce up to 3 truffles per day, which would leave you plenty for truffle oil.

    Step 2: Build an Oil Maker

    The oilmaker recipe as seen in the crafting menu.

    Oil makers are Artisan Equipment. They’re specifically used to manufacture oil, which is classified as an artisan good. You’ll learn the crafting recipe for the oil maker once you reach level 8 in Farming.

    You’ll need these materials to craft an oil maker:

    You can make several oil makers to manufacture multiple bottles of truffle oil.

    Step 3: Making the Truffle Oil

    You’ve got your truffles, and you’ve got your oil maker. Now it’s time to make the truffle oil.

    You can make many batches of truffle oil with multiple oilmakers.

    The actual process of making truffle oil is incredibly simple: all you need to do is click an oil maker while holding a truffle in your inventory.

    It takes a total of 6 in-game hours for an oil maker to create truffle oil; however, the process will complete after one night of sleep. Therefore, running the oil makers just before you go to bed will guarantee you several bottles of truffle oil awaiting the next morning.

    The base price of truffle oil is 1,065 gold; however, it’s important to note that the Artisan profession from the Farming skill tree increases its sell price by 40%.

    The artisan profession lets you sell truffle oil at a higher price.

    Therefore, players with the Artisan profession earn 1,491 gold from truffle oil.

    Now that you know how to create truffle oil, you can decide your preferred way of using the truffles your pigs gather: by either selling them on their own or turning them into bottles and bottles of high-quality artisan oil.