How to Move Farm Buildings in Stardew Valley.

How to Move Farm Buildings in Stardew Valley

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Farm buildings are essential in progressing your farm; however, your layout ideas may change as your farm grows. Fortunately, your structure placements aren’t permanent. Here’s a quick guide on moving farm buildings in Stardew Valley.

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    Robin’s Carpenter Shop

    Location of the Carpenter's Shop on the map.

    Located north of your farm, Robin’s carpenter shop provides services integral to growing your farm. Aside from selling basic resources and furniture, Robin also offers to build a variety of farm buildings—and move them post-construction.

    Robin displays her wares at her Carpenter Shop.

    There is a wide selection of farm buildings and constructs available for construction at the Carpenter’s Shop, and all of them can be moved after Robin has finished building them on your property.

    To move them, you’ll need to visit the Carpenter’s Shop when it’s open. Robin will usually be at the counter from 9am to 5pm daily unless it’s a Tuesday or a Friday. Walk up to the counter and click on “Construct Farm Buildings” in the menu, just as you would if you’re going to make a new building.

    Click the "Construct Farm Buildings" option to get started.

    Then, select any building—note that it doesn’t have to be the one you intend to move, or one Robin has built. However, instead of clicking the “Build” button (the hammer icon), click the “Move” button.

    The cursor displays where the "Move" button is in the options.

    You’ll then be taken to your farm screen, where you can move your selected building to your desired location. As with chests, they don’t have to be empty for you to move them—you can relocate your deluxe barn full of pigs without any worry or hassle.

    It’s important to note that all building tiles must be green before the building can be placed. If there are things in the way, such as rocks, weed, wood, crops—and in some instances your pet—the tiles will be red and the building cannot be placed.

    You won't be able to move your building if there are red tiles indicated on the area.

    There are some exceptions to this, such as:

    • Tree seeds
    • Crafted flooring
    • Crafted pathways
    • Farm animals

    While farm animals are considered an obstruction, placing the building on top of them will simply move them aside. Placing a building on top of crafted pathing and tree seeds, however, will destroy them.

    Placing a building on crafted pathing will destroy the latter.

    Moving your buildings are completely free of charge, and you’ll be able to move them wherever and whenever you like—provided that the Carpenter Shop is open, and your farm sufficiently cleared.

    The Wizard’s Tower

    Location of the Wizard's Tower on the map.

    The Wizard’s Tower, located on the western edge of Cindersap Forest, is home to the reclusive and eccentric Wizard. It’s also where he sells you magical buildings, and lets you move them.

    The Wizard’s building shop will only be unlocked once you complete a string of quests for him. The questline will trigger after you’ve completed the Community Center bundles and will result in you delivering him his magic ink. After it’s complete, he will grant you access to his spellbook, which allows you to build a variety of magical buildings for your farm.

    The Wizard unlocks the spellbook for you after the questline is complete.

    A very useful tip about the Wizard’s shop is that the buildings you can move there aren’t exclusive to the magical buildings—you may move traditional farm buildings as well.

    A magical building for sale at the Wizard's shop.

    The process of moving buildings from the Wizard’s Tower is identical to the Carpenter’s Shop. Click on the “Move” icon in the menu and relocate the buildings wherever you wish. The prerequisites for moving buildings are the same as Robin’s and are also free of charge.

    Buildings You Can Move (And Can’t)

    Here is a list of the buildings that Robin and the Wizard can move.

    • Barns (including all upgraded versions)
    • Coops (including all upgraded versions)
    • Fish Ponds
    • Mills
    • Sheds and Big Sheds
    • Silos
    • Slime Hutches
    • Wells
    • Cabins (all variations)
    • Shipping Bins (including the one beside your house)
    • Restored Greenhouse
    • All magical buildings on the main farm

    However, you can’t move:

    • Your farmhouse
    • All farm buildings at Ginger Island

    Moving buildings is a simple process, and now that you know how to relocate your buildings, you can plan and alter your farmhouse layout as often as you please.