Repairing the white and grey power armor at a power armor station while an npc companion encourages them.

How to Repair Power Armor in Fallout 4

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Equipping and using power armor in battle is arguably the high point of Fallout 4’s combat for many character builds. Essentially gaining the ability to pilot a mechanized suit can understandably grant a great advantage in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

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    How to Repair Power Armor (And Why You Need To)

    Through engaging in battles across the map, your power armor will inevitably get damaged due to incoming attacks. Whether by a haywire robot’s laser beam or the ravenous bite of a Deathclaw, durability will be lost on your power armor. To get the durability back up, you’ll need to repair it.

    A dark grey and white suit of power armor standing in a yellow armor station.

    Repairing power armor in Fallout 4 will require you to place a suit of power armor within a Power Armor Station and then interact with the station. At first, this can be a bit finicky and unintuitive, however, using build mode at any settlement will let you set up your Power Armor Station to heal your favorite exosuit of its metallic wounds.

    How to Build a Power Armor Station

    A close up of the prompt in front of a power armor station that lets the player interact with it.

    There are different crafting ingredients and other requirements for building a Power Armor Station.

    The Crafting Ingredients for Building a Power Armor Station

    To build a Power Armor Station, you must be in a settlement that you either own or are allowed to build in. After finding a decent spot to set up this handy bit of equipment, you’ll need to gather these materials to make one:

    • 12 Aluminum
    • 3 Circuitry
    • 6 Fiberglass
    • 6 Gears
    • 4 Oil
    • 4 Plastic
    • 4 Screw

    These materials, like all others in Fallout 4, can be found in the form of junk while exploring the world. Be sure to pick up goods that are made from bits of machinery, base metals, or relate to electronics in some way if you want to gain the most high-value materials for crafting.

    The Crafting Requirements for Building a Power Armor Station

    Even with all of the required materials, you’ll still need to have a few criteria accounted for in order to set up your Power Armor Station:

    • You must interact with a Workshop within a settlement
    • The rank of the local leader must be level 2 or higher
    • You must have the Armorer perk at rank 1 or higher

    With these components and criteria taken care of, you can finally make your desired station. In the Workshop menu, the Power Armor Station is in the Crafting Tables section. Select it and then place the Power Armor Station anywhere that seems suitable.

    How to Use a Power Armor Station to Repair Power Armor

    Repairing a suit of minuteman t-45 power armor that is painted white on the helmet and dark grey everywhere else.

    After placing the Power Armor Station, you’ll need to put the power armor that you want to repair between the yellow horizontal legs of the station. To do so easily, walk up to the Power Armor Station and exit your suit of mechanical armor while between these yellow legs.

    Once out of the power armor, look at the Power Armor Station while nearby to see the “Craft” prompt appear next to the button/key required to activate it. When you interact with the Power Armor Station, you’ll see all of the pieces of your suit as well as various kinds of information about them.

    Information About Power Armor Pieces Displayed

    • Physical Damage Resistance
    • Energy Damage Resistance
    • Radiation Damage Resistance
    • The health of the individual piece (Durability)
    • The weight of the individual piece
    • The value of the individual piece

    Furthermore, while using the Power Armor Station, you’ll be able to select each piece in the menu to unequip it from the skeleton of the suit, repair it, or modify it. Repairing a suit of power armor will cost materials, which take the form of metals or metallic components, so be sure to stock up on those before trying to repair any armor. How many materials will be needed is dependant on how badly damaged the armor is—more damage means a higher repair cost.

    Where to Find Pre-made Power Armor Stations in Fallout 4

    A power armor station on top of a map of the commonwealth with red arrows indicated that stations can be found in many places.

    If you don’t want to create your own Power Armor Station, you can find one in many different locations besides settlements. Here’s a full list of all the Power Armor Stations that can be found in Fallout 4:

    • In Lexington, you can find one behind the nearby Red Rocket gas station
    • In the Cambridge Police Station
    • In the Cambridge Red Rocket station
    • Within Railroad HQ
    • In the market of Diamond City close to the entrance to Home Plate
    • In the Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup
    • There are 4 Power Armor Stations south of the Greater Mass blood clinic
    • Within Hub City Auto Wreckers
    • In Nahant, players can find a Power Armor Station beside a Red Rocket gas station
    • In the Nahant Oceanological Society lab
    • In the Corvega Assembly Plant
    • Within Saugus Ironworks, close to the exit that leads to the roof
    • Within Hester’s Consumer Robotics
    • Within D.B. Technical High School
    • In Slim’s shop
    • Outside but within the bounds of the Irish Pride Industries shipyard
    • In the parking lot between Police Precinct 8 and Back Street Apparel
    • In the Mass Fusion building
    • On the 1sr floor of the Federal Surveillance Center K-21B
    • Within O’Neill Family Manufacturing
    • In the Boathouse west of Revere Beach
    • Inside the armory of the National Guard Training Yard
    • Within Reeb Marina
    • At the east side of Hyde Park, 1 can be found in the storage area
    • 2 Power Armor stations can be found on the 7th floor of the Mass Bay Medical Center
    • 1 can be found in the room with the green gun sign behind HalluciGen, Inc.
    • Slightly east of the Kendall Hospital, you can find a Power Armor Station near a Red Rocket gas station
    • In Goodneigbor, there is 1 at the Kill or Be Killed shop
    • On a pier a bit east of the Shamrock Taphouse
    • 1 can be found west of Skylanes Flight 1981 on an overpass with a Gunner camp
    • At the Mass Pike Interchange
    • Northwest of the NH&M Freight Depot, there is a Power Armor Station in front of a Red Rocket gas station
    • Within the NH&M Freight Depot locked storeroom
    • On the 1st floor of the Quincy church within the Quincy ruins
    • West of the Quincy ruins, 1 can be found by a Red Rocket gas station
    • Within a little outdoor garage close to Slocum’s Joe Corporate HQ
    • Within the Fort Hagen filling station
    • Just behind Hardware Town
    • On the Prydwen, players can find 4 Power Armor Stations in the work area

    Whether by making a Power Armor Station or finding one out in The Commonwealth, using one is the only way to repair your power armor in Fallout 4. Thankfully, there are plenty of options so that your favorite suit can be used as much as possible.