Reunite Nyx and Chaos in Hades.

How to Reunite Nyx and Chaos in Hades

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To reunite Nyx and Chaos in Hades is a task that’s easier said than done. Given everything the former has done for Zagreus, however, giving her this liberty only seems fair. Here’s how you can accomplish this task.

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    How to Reunite Nyx and Chaos in Hades

    Nyx reunited with Chaos.

    Nyx, the Night Incarnate, and Chaos, the Primordial Originator. Readers of Greek myth already know that these two are parent and daughter prior to even playing the game. This relationship isn’t explored upon in the game early on, however. Only those who have actually raised their affinities with both characters get the chance to explore this relationship.

    As you grow closer with both Nyx and Chaos by constantly gifting them Nectars, Zagreus will advise Chaos to reach out to their daughter. Speaking with Nyx will then reveal that she has felt her parent’s attempt. She will brush it off at first and will even tell you that getting in touch with Chaos is too difficult to do.

    However, consecutively speaking to her and giving her 6 Nectars will eventually reveal how this can be done. The Night and Darkness will then appear on the Fated List and you can finally begin your quest to reunite Nyx and Chaos.

    Restoring the Eldest Sigil

    The Eldest Sigil restored in Hades.

    While speaking with Nyx about Chaos, she will tell you that the bridge to Chaos can only be accessed if you spend a significant amount of Darkness on it.

    After this conversation, head to the House Contractor to find the Eldest Sigil Restoration work order. Purchase this for 3,142 Darkness. The hardest part with this is the collection of that much Darkness. However, if you already have that with you, then this quest should be simple enough.

    Once you’ve purchased the aforementioned work order, speak with Nyx once again. She will then promptly depart to see Chaos and that marks the fulfillment of the prophecy.

    Traveling to Chaos’ realm on your next run, you should also be able to see Nyx there with them. She will then return to this place from time to time.