The player in third person view throwing a grenade and then watching it explode a broken car on the road in a fiery blast.

How to Throw Grenades in Fallout 4

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When enemies are taking cover behind objects, it can be hard to line up a shot on them in Fallout 4. Tossing a grenade at them can flush foes out of cover–but only if you throw it effectively.

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    Learn the Button or Key for Throwing Grenades

    The player throwing a grenade in third person view at a broken car on the road.

    The corresponding button or key for throwing a grenade in Fallout 4 will vary depending on the platform you’re playing it on.

    Throwing Grenades on Console Versions of Fallout 4

    There is a trend, however, which is that on console editions of Fallout 4, the button for throwing the grenade is the same as the melee button—just hold it down instead of pressing it. Press the melee button until you hear a click, which will mean that the grenade is live, so throw it soon after hearing that little noise. Failure to throw a grenade in time will cause it to explode in your hands and cause your character to take massive amounts of damage.

    Throwing Grenades On PC Versions of Fallout 4

    A bit different from the console version, the key for throwing a grenade in Fallout 4 on PC is often the ‘E’ or ‘R’ keys–sometimes even the ‘G’ key. If you’re not sure how to toss a grenade, try one of these keys while facing an open area that has nothing important nearby.

    How to Use a Grenade Effectively

    A red icon showing where a live grenade is located and on the right is the grenade exploding which creates a plume of dark grey smoke.

    Equipping A Grenade

    Players can choose what kind of grenade they want to throw by equipping it in their inventory. Go to the Weapons tab in your Pip-Boy device and spot your preferred grenades in the menu. Among your other weapons will be grenades listed in the order you choose (alphabetically, by damage, etc). Equip your desired grenade and you can begin throwing them.

    Tips on How to Throw a Grenade Well

    Throwing a grenade accurately in Fallout 4 isn’t very difficult after you get the hang of it. When you throw a grenade, it will usually land where your crosshair is pointed if you are on flat terrain. However, since the grenade has a hitbox and doesn’t explode on contact, you’ll have to compensate for obstacles.

    Gravity plays a factor when throwing a grenade on sloped terrain, as the grenade can potentially roll downhill. A way to prevent such things is to “cook” a grenade in your hand. Cooking a grenade is when you hold a live one for a few seconds after hearing it click. This will mean the grenade will explode sooner after being let go, however, if you hold it too long, you’ll be the one that explodes.

    The Grenade Icon and What it Means

    After you throw a grenade, you will see a red icon in the shape of a grenade appear on your screen. This shows you where your thrown grenade has landed. By observing it, you will be able to avoid accidentally straying too close and getting caught in the blast. This icon can be turned off in the Settings menu if you don’t like seeing it.

    Be Aware of Your Surroundings

    Grenade explosions caused by you, or enemies, will affect nearby objects. If there are flammable or explosive items nearby, an explosion from a grenade will cause them to explode as well. Such items can appear as red barrels, broken down vehicles, and other things that would contain fuel.

    Every Type of Grenade in Fallout 4 and What They Do

    Watching a car explode after throwing a fragmentation grenade at it.

    There are 19 types of grenades that can be found in Fallout 4 and each has a different function. The versatility of throwable weapons in this game means that you should always try to make use of them. You will find plenty throughout your playthroughs, and they won’t do you any good sitting in your inventory. It should be mentioned that some can only be acquired in the Nuka-World DLC.

    Baseball Grenade

    The Baseball Grenade is an improvised explosive made from a hollowed-out baseball and fertilizer. It deals 101 physical damage.

    Cryogenic Grenade

    Stronger than Baseball Grenades, the Cryogenic Grenade does 151 physical damage to targets. However, it also has a chance to slow enemies that survive the blast.

    Fragmentation Grenade

    The Fragmentation Grenade is the most common and easy-to-use grenade in Fallout 4. It deals 151 physical damage to those within its blast zone.

    Fragmentation Grenade MIRV (Nuka-World DLC)

    A variation of the regular Fragmentation Grenade, the Fragmentation Grenade MIRV will explode into smaller grenades. After the smaller grenades are spawned, they too will explode. Both the initial grenade and the smaller spawned ones deal 151 physical damage.

    Smart Fragmentation Grenade (Nuka-World DLC)

    This is a great option for those who like to cook their grenades. The Smart Fragmentation Grenade is an explosive that cannot hurt its user and deals 151 physical damage to enemies.

    HalluciGen Gas Grenade

    HalluciGen Gas Grenades do not hurt adversaries directly, but instead, cause them to attack each other. You can take note of the green gas so as to stay clear of the frenzied foes.

    Fury Grenade (Nuka-World DLC)

    The Fury Grenade is basically the HalluciGen Gas Grenade, but for animals. Throwing this at wild beasts will cause them to go crazy and attack anything nearby.

    Persuasion Grenade (Nuka-World DLC)

    The least dangerous out of all grenades, the Persuasion Grenade is used solely to charm settlers. It does no damage, so you can toss one right at the feet of a target without fear of hurting them. When thrown, it will emit a white mist that will decrease Speech check requirements when speaking with settlers within the slight fog.

    Predator Grenade (Nuka-World DLC)

    Predator Grenades are more like bait than actual weapons, as they can only let you lure animals. When thrown, it will emit a signal that will cause wild creatures that are close by to attack anything in the area.

    Homing Beacon

    While seemingly less hostile at first, the Homing Beacon can let you call down a Mini Nuke from the sky. When thrown, it will summon an explosive projectile from above, however, it can only be used outdoors and in open areas.

    Molotov Cocktail

    One of the few grenades that activate upon impact instead of operating on a timer, Molotov Cocktails can be very useful. When thrown, the glass body of this consumable will smash after hitting anything and will cover the target in flames. It initially deals 51 physical damage on impact, but the lingering flames will apply a damage over time effect for even more.

    Nuka Grenade

    Nuka Grenades are some of the strongest weapons that you can use in Fallout 4. They act like a regular Fragmentation Grenade but with the explosive radius of a Mini Nuke. This blast will deal 301 physical damage to those too close. It will also leave behind radioactive residue that will deal 100 radiation damage over time if someone or something steps on it.

    Nuka Quantum Grenade (Nuka-World DLC)

    This explosive acts the same as the Nuka Grenade, but without the radioactive residue and another neat feature. When a Nuka Quantum Grenade explodes, it will unleash its 301 physical damage in a beautiful blue cloud.

    Plasma Grenade

    Dealing 150 physical damage and 150 energy damage makes the Plasma Grenade unique. There is no other type of grenade that can cause this ratio of different damages at once.

    Pulse Grenade

    This grenade purely does energy damage at the value of 150. As such, it can be particularly helpful if you plan to fight robotic enemies and machines.

    Artillery Smoke Grenade

    The first of the faction grenades, the Artillery Smoke Grenade is a Minuteman faction item that will allow you to call down an artillery bombardment wherever you throw one. It’s not possible to calculate the artillery attack’s damage, however, it deals physical damage to targets at a value higher than most grenades. Be sure to keep in mind that this grenade will only work outdoors.

    Institute Beacon

    Another of the faction grenades, this one allows players to spawn a group of synth allies nearby. Interestingly, on the rare occasion, throwing an Institute Beacon may spawn a synth gorilla. The random gorilla spawn is meant to be a comical reference to a research area in the Institute.

    Synth Relay Grenade

    Similar to the Institute Beacon, using the Synth Relay Grenade will spawn a synth ally. However, it won’t spawn a group, but only a single soldier to help you. This is another faction grenade, so players will have to progress in certain Railroad faction quests to unlock them.

    Vertibird Signal Grenade

    This Brotherhood of Steel grenade does not deal damage by itself either, like its fellow faction grenades. However, the Vertibird Signal Grenade will summon a friendly Vertibird aircraft after a short delay. You can get into it and mount the minigun on the side. You can also set the destination for the Vertibird by selecting a location on your Pip-Boy map, which it will take you to.

    While Fallout 4 doesn’t have a huge number of damage types, there are a few that can be used by the player optimally to defeat specific kinds of enemies easier. Physical damage is reliable against unarmored foes, energy damage is great against metallic enemies, and radiation damage can slowly take down nearly any organic non-mutant. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to blast any adversary out of your way.