Hidden weapon aspects in Hades.

How to Unlock Every Hidden Weapon Aspect in Hades

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Escaping the underworld is no easy task. Aside from getting help from his Olympian family, Zagreus is also aided by the Infernal Arms in his armory. Each of these weapons contains hidden aspects. Here’s how you can unlock them.

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    What Are Weapon Aspects?

    There are six Infernal Arms in the game and each of them has different weapon aspects for you to unlock. Weapon aspects are different variations of the same weapon. An aspect can have different combo sets from the others on the same Infernal Arm, but their most obvious differences are the stat bonuses that come along with them.

    You’ll be introduced to this mechanic as you progress through the game. You’ll unlock Infernal Arms with Chthonic Keys, while you’ll unlock Weapon Aspects with Titan Blood. When you unlock an Infernal Weapon, you’ll immediately see that a weapon has three aspects; one that is already unlocked and is the weapon’s default aspect, and two others that require Titan Blood to be accessible.

    However, every Infernal Arm actually has a fourth weapon aspect that you can unlock if you know how to reveal them.

    How to Unlock Every Hidden Weapon Aspect in Hades

    Here’s how you can unlock every hidden weapon aspect in the game. Starting with…

    Aspect of Guan Yu

    Aspect of Guan Yu from Hades.

    The Aspect of Guan Yu is the hidden aspect of Varatha, the Eternal Spear. This is the first hidden aspect you need to unlock in order to have the chance to unlock the other five. Here are the things you need to do to unlock the Aspect of Guan Yu:

    First, you’ll need to purchase the Fated List of Minor Prophecies from the House Contractor. The option to purchase this item should present itself as you attempt more escapes. It can be purchased for 20 Gemstones.

    You’ll also need to reach the game’s final boss at least once. It’s not required that you defeat the boss, you need to reach him and fight him.

    Another requirement is to unlock five other weapon aspects that aren’t of Zagreus. Each weapon’s default aspect is an aspect of Zagreus. You’ll need to spend Titan Blood to unlock five others to meet this requirement.

    Once all those requirements are met, simply keep talking to Achilles until he eventually reveals to you the waking phrase of the Aspect of Guan Yu. There’s no telling how many times you’ll need to talk to Achilles before this dialogue triggers. You must simply approach him at the house whenever you return to it.

    Once you have the waking phrase, go up to the spear at the house and the Aspect of Guan Yu will be unlocked.

    Once the Aspect of Guan Yu is unlocked, you can then proceed to unlock the other hidden aspects in the order that you prefer.

    Aspect of Arthur

    Aspect of Arthur from Hades.

    The Aspect of Arthur is the hidden aspect of the Stygian Blade. You’ll first need to invest 5 Titan Blood into the Stygian Blade by upgrading aspects before you can receive the waking phrase for the Aspect of Arthur. This very same principle applies to the other hidden aspects moving forward.

    Once that’s done, keep approaching Nyx until she reveals the waking phrase to you.

    Aspect of Beowulf

    Aspect of Beowulf from Hades.

    The Aspect of Beowulf is the hidden aspect of the Shield of Chaos. Like the Aspect of Arthur, you’ll need to invest 5 Titan Blood into the Shield of Chaos before you can receive the waking phrase to unlock this hidden aspect.

    The waking phrase for this aspect is given by Chaos. Note that they’ll only reveal the phrase to you if you’re wielding the Shield of Chaos, on top of meeting the aforementioned requirements.

    Aspect of Rama

    Aspect of Rama from Hades.

    The Aspect of Rama is the Coronacht’s hidden aspect. Its waking phrase is given by Artemis, only if you have the Bow equipped. Like before, you’ll also need to spend 5 Titan Blood into the Bow before the waking phrase can be revealed.

    Aspect of Gilgamish

    Aspect of Gilgamish from Hades.

    This is the hidden aspect of the Twin Fists of Malphon. Its waking phrase is given by Asterius if you have the Fists equipped. He’ll only give the phrase to you in the chamber wherein you fight him without Theseus.

    Aspect of Lucifer

    Aspect of Lucifer from Hades.

    The Aspect of Lucifer is the hidden aspect of the Adamant Rail. As long as the Aspect of Guan Yu is already unlocked and you’ve invested 5 Titan Blood into the Rail, keep on speaking with Zeus regardless of which weapon you have equipped and he’ll eventually give you the waking phrase for this hidden aspect.