How to Upgrade Items in Pokemon Unite

The player upgrading the leftovers item, which looks like a partially eaten apple, that is being held by the pink Pokémon slowbro.

Held items make your ally stronger in Pokemon Unite, which is why you should upgrade them. There are a couple of ways that you can do that, though Item Enhancers are what you will need to upgrade them.

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    How You Can Upgrade Your Held Items in Pokemon Unite

    The player upgrading the leftovers held item, which looks like a partially eaten red apple.

    First, you need to open the menu with ZL to find the correct option. Select “Held Items,” which has a symbol that looks like a piece of candy. This will bring you to a screen where you can select and look at your Held Items. Select an item on the right to bring up some options. These options are to swap it out, upgrade it, or remove it from the Pokemon shown.

    How Upgrading Held Items Works in Pokemon Unite

    A description of what leftover does in battle.

    Select the “Upgrade” option to come to an upgrade menu for your item. Here, you will see what the item does and how much it costs to upgrade it. The “Upgrade” option shows up again, but this time you have to press the Y button to select it.

    Upgrading the item will update its stats and will increase the cost. You can upgrade items until they are level 30, however, every upgrade will cost Item Enhancers, which are the purple and gold coins.

    Types of Item Enhancers

    There are the normal purple Item Enhancers, but there are also Super Item Enhancers. The more powerful Super Item Enhancers are orange and have the number 30 on them. A single Super Item Enhancer will fully upgrade an item to level 30. However, they’re very rare, so don’t use them carelessly.

    What Are Upgrade Effects?

    The upgrade effects of the leftovers held item which allows Pokémon to recover health over time.

    Every time a held item increases by 10 levels, its main effect will get more powerful. This is different from normal level-ups that only increase the power of the stats. Be sure to upgrade your held items as much as possible to win battles!