The cast of Hunter x Hunter's first arc.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7: Will it Happen?

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Hunter x Hunter is a beloved anime adaptation of the hit manga of the same name. This animated adaptation ended in 2014 after a three-year run, leaving many fans wondering if the show will ever return.

The critically acclaimed anime was produced by Madhouse Studios and began broadcast in 2011. The show received praise from existing Hunter x Hunter fans and newcomers alike for faithfully adapting the story from the original manga with powerful visuals and directing. The show enjoyed success for 148 episodes across its six story arcs, coming to a conclusion in 2014.

Is the Hunter x Hunter Anime Over?

The cast of Hunter x Hunter looking confused.

The general consensus is that Hunter x Hunter won’t be returning–at least not anytime soon. There are a variety of reasons that fans have speculated this, most notably the scheduling of the manga, which has been ‘officially’ on hiatus since 2018. Because the show had adapted much of the material in the manga by the time it had ended in 2014, it seems as though the anime ended before it caught up to where the manga began to release more infrequently, refusing to go the route of creating original filler material that many anime adaptations of manga turn to. Many assume that the anime could return when there is enough source material to continue the adaptation, though this is unconfirmed.

No official statement has been given by Madhouse on the status of a potential return for the show in the years since the show’s conclusion.

Has the Hunter x Hunter Manga Ended?

The main character of Hunter x Hunter, Gon, dodging attacks.

Officially, the manga is ‘on hiatus’, though many fans remain skeptical regarding an official return of the comic in Shounen Jump weekly any time soon. The creator of the original Hunter x Hunter manga Yoshihiro Togashi has suffered from chronic health issues throughout the serialization of the manga, leading to a variety of unofficial and official pauses from an initial schedule of weekly chapters.

At the time of writing, the manga has been on hiatus since 2018 for the longest pause since its debut, leading many fans to suspect that it may not return at all. Although a return for the manga hasn’t been confirmed by Togashi or Shounen Jump, both parties deny that the manga has been outright canceled, which means there is some hope of an eventual return.

Ultimately, Togashi’s health should be their priority, and it’s understandable that the manga has been on such a long delay. Unfortunately, it does mean that a seventh season of the beloved anime or future chapters of the manga is currently unlikely.

Will There Be a Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter?

The main villain of Hunter x Hunter, the clown Hisoka.

For now, we can only speculate on the future of Hunter x Hunter. At the current time, it seems as though a season 7 won’t be happening. It’ll likely only happen once the manga returns to a normal schedule or if a roadmap is given regarding when to expect the conclusion of the story. If either of these things happen, it’s possible Madhouse might decide to continue to series from the point they left off, but even then it’s not guaranteed. At the moment, however, they appear to be busy with other projects, having created recent hits like Overlord, My Love Story, One Punch Man, and many more.

For the time being, Hunter x Hunter (2011) could be considered over. Thankfully, the story is left in a good spot, so there’s never been a better time to watch all of it.