Adam Arter

Adam is a writer, marketing professional, and graphic designer currently based in the south of England. Since 2020, whenever they're not working their day job in marketing, they're committed to writing thought-provoking features and strange opinions about media online. Having written about video games, anime, and movies for a wide variety of media outlets around the web and print such as RPGFan, Polygon, PLAY Magazine, and more, Adam has now joined VGKAMI to provide their thoughts on the latest and greatest anime releases.

Adam has a lot of opinions on storytelling that have been developed from a lifelong fascination with fiction and studying a Master's Degree in literature. Adam enjoys applying a critical mindset to media of all kinds but has a particular affection for video games, anime, and novels. His favorite video games include Final Fantasy XIVMetal Gear Solid, and NieR. His favorite anime include the Mobile Suit Zeta GundamMob Psycho 100, and Death Parade.

When they're not writing something, Adam enjoys creating 2D artwork and graphics, learning languages, skateboarding, and reading a good book to relax. They're always looking to discuss the intricacies of Kamen Rider, so feel free to tag them in discussions on Twitter.

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