Dart standing in Deningrad with updated graphics.

New Update Posted on The Legend of Dragoon Upscale Project – Deningrad

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The Legend of Dragoon upscale project has received yet another update, this time to another of the game’s famous locations—Deningrad. Some dedicated fans have made major improvements to the graphics throughout the capital of Mille Seseau.

The Legend of Dragoon fans continue to show their dedication to this classic game that is over 20 years old. A couple motivated people in particular—known by usernames Zychronix and theflyingzamboni—have been working on what’s known as The Legend of Dragoon upscale project for quite some time. In short, the upscale project’s goal has been to improve the visuals of the game. According to thelegendofdragoon.org—the official fan site for the game—the plan for the project is explained as follows:

Our goal is to make an 8x resolution AI upscale of the backgrounds as a base pack and then move on to other things such as model textures, UI, and map effects afterwards. Current implementations texture dumping/injection feature are sometimes buggy, but for the most part it works. We also plan to release 4x and 2x packs that will be downscaled versions of the 8x pack.

Today, on July 4, Zychronix posted another update to their YouTube channel. This time, they showcase most of Deningrad with the new graphics.

Zychronix has posted consistent update videos showcasing different places in The Legend of Dragoon throughout the months preceding this video. You can check out their work on Aglis, Vellweb, and Mayfil as well to get an even better feel for what the finished product will look like.

The upscale project is not the only development the fandom has in the works. Just a few weeks ago, a preview for a new Tekken 7 mod was posted, showcasing how players will have the ability to fight as The Legend of Dragoon characters in the game. Additionally, a newer interview with the game’s composer, Dennis Martin, was also published just earlier this year. Despite the age of the game, it seems clear that the community will remain as active as ever.