Link’s Awakening: How to Save and Load

Marin finding Link passed out on the beach after he washes up on shore.

Saving in adventure games like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is important to do often. You never know what dangers are around the nearest shrub. Furthermore, you can reload your game to explore without risks.

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    What You Need to Know About the System Menu

    The screen in the menu that lets you save and load your game.

    When you pause the game, in addition to being able to see your inventory in the Items menu and your location with the Map menu, you also have access to the System menu. Here, you only have 2 options: to save your game or to load it. Additionally, there is a graphic that shows you some of the basic actions that you can perform during gameplay.

    When to Save

    To be blunt, the best way to play Link’s Awakening is to save early and save often. Losing progress always feels bad and saving is a quick and easy way to prevent those negative vibes.

    You can also save strategically while exploring 1-way paths. There are many different nooks and crannies you can squeeze into on Koholint Island, however, some routes may not let you backtrack. If you’re ever worried about not being able to retrace your steps while exploring, save your game before you proceed.

    When to Load

    When you reload your game, you reset to the point where you last saved (in most cases). You will have the same health and items as when you were there last. As such, you can go back to a pre-determined spot on command. For example, if you jump off a ledge and it takes you somewhere unexpected, you can load your game to a save point prior to jumping off the ledge.

    However, it should be mentioned that you can’t use this trick in dungeons. Regardless of where you save in a dungeon, if you reload your game, you will reappear at the entrance.