Little Alchemy 2: How to Get Time

Little Alchemy 2: How to Make Time

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Key Takeaway

Time can’t be created by combining objects; it can only be unlocked by creating 100 new elements in Little Alchemy 2.

Little Alchemy 2 is a game of mixing different elements together to make brand-new elements to mix even more items with. One of the most basic of these mixable items is the element of Time.

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    Ways to Create Time

    Little Alchemy 2: How to Get Time

    There is currently only one way to create the element of Time in Little Alchemy 2, and that is to make 100 total combinations. Time is only unlocked through progression, and it cannot be made by combining the other elements together; these elements are called Basic Items. So the best way to get Time for yourself is to play the game.

    Recipes that Require Time in Little Alchemy 2

    Little Alchemy 2: How to Get Time

    These are the recipes that call for Time as an ingredient.

    Recipe NameIngredients
    AlcoholTime + Juice
    AshTime + Campfire
    BirdTime + Dinosaur
    Time + Pterodactyl
    BoneTime + Corpse
    CheeseTime + Milk
    ClockTime + Electricity
    Time + Machine
    Time + Tool
    Time + Wheel
    CoalTime + Peat
    CorpseTime + Human
    DawnTime + Night
    DayTime + Dawn
    Time + Sun
    DeathTime + Life
    DinosaurTime + Lizard
    DuckTime + Duckling
    EruptionTime + Volcano
    Family treeTime + Family
    FloodTime + Rain
    FossilTime + Bone
    Time + Dinosaur
    Time + Grave
    Time + Skeleton
    FruitTime + Flower
    GlacierTime + Ice
    HoneyTime + Bee
    HourglassTime + Container
    Time + Glass
    Time + Sand
    HumanTime + Animal
    Time + Monkey
    LegendTime + Fairy Tale
    Time + Story
    LifeTime + Primordial Soup
    MoldTime + Bread
    Time + Fruit
    Time + Vegetable
    MoonTime + Sky
    NightTime + Day
    Time + Moon
    Time + Twilight
    PeatTime + Grass
    Time + Swamp
    PetroleumTime + Fossil
    RuinsTime + Castle
    Time + City
    Time + Farm
    Time + Hospital
    Time + House
    Time + Skyscraper
    Time + Village
    SeedTime + Flower
    SkeletonTime + Corpse
    SlothTime + Animal
    SmokeTime + Campfire
    TideTime + Ocean
    Time + Sea
    TwilightTime + Day
    VinegarTime + Wine