Little Alchemy 2 Make Big

Little Alchemy 2: How to Make Big

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Key Takeaway

The best and easiest way to make Big in Little Alchemy 2 is to mix 150 total other items or to mix Planet with Philosophy.

Big is one of the many needed elements in Little Alchemy 2 that can help you make a massive number of other items. Luckily for you, grabbing this item is fairly straightforward even for new players.

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    Ways to Create Big

    Big in Little Alchemy 2.

    There are several recipes that will create Big in Little Alchemy 2. But since Big is also a basic element, you will be guaranteed to unlock it after a certain number of combinations have been created.

    • Universe + Philosophy
    • Galaxy + Philosophy
    • Galaxy Cluster + Philosophy
    • Solar System + Philosophy
    • Sun + Philosophy
    • Planet + Philosophy
    • Get 150 total combinations

    Step-By-Step Instructions to Get Big

    Dew in Little Alchemy 2.

    The easiest way to get to Big is to just combine 150 different other things to get to this milestone. The other easiest way to make it is by making one Philosophy to mix with one Planet.

    • First, mix Earth with Earth to get Land.
    • Combining a Land and Land will give you Continent.
    • Mixing two Continents will get a Planet.
    • Water and Water together will make a Puddle.
    • Then mix two Puddles together to make a Lake.
    • Mixing Planet and Air will make you an Atmosphere.
    • Combining together Atmosphere with Water will make one Cloud.
    • Fire plus Fire will make an Energy.
    • A Cloud combined with Energy will make Lightning.
    • Next, mix Lake plus Lightning to make Life.
    • Life and Land will make Animal.
    • Animal and Air will make a Bird.
    • Bird and a Bird will make an Egg.
    • Earth and Water together will make Mud.
    • Earth and Fire makes you Lava.
    • Air and Lava together will mix to make Stone.
    • Then take Stone and mix it with Mud to make Clay.
    • Clay and Life together will make a Human.
    • Human and an Animal will make Domestication.
    • Bird plus Domestication will make a Chicken.
    • Chicken plus Egg will make Philosophy.
    • And the final step combines Philosophy with Planet to make Big.

    Recipes that Require Big in Little Alchemy 2

    Small in Little Alchemy 2.

    These are the recipes that require Big as an ingredient.

    Recipe NameIngredients
    Atomic Bomb Big + Explosion
    BlizzardBig + Snow
    BoulderBig + Rock
    Big + Stone
    BusBig + Car
    CityBig + Village
    ClockBig + Watch
    ContinentBig + Land
    DinosaurBig + Lizard
    DuckBig + Duckling
    FloodBig + Rain
    HillBig + Boulder
    JupiterBig + Planet
    LakeBig + Pond
    LandBig + Soil
    LegendBig + Fairy Tale
    Big + Story
    LionBig + Cat
    MountainBig + Earth
    Big + Hill
    OceanBig + Sea
    OstrichBig + Bird
    PlantBig + Grass
    PondBig + Puddle
    RatBig + Mouse
    RiverBig + Stream
    RockBig + Pebble
    SeaBig + Lake
    SkyscraperBig + House
    StreamBig + Rivulet
    Swimming PoolBig + Aquarium
    TornadoBig + Wind
    TreeBig + Plant
    VaultBig + Safe