Making Blade in Little Alchemy 2.

Little Alchemy 2: How to Make Blade

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Key Takeaway

You can get Blade by mixing two Air to get Pressure, Earth and Pressure to get Stone, Stone and Fire for Metal, and then Metal with Stone.

Blade is one of the more than 700 items you can mix to make more items in Little Alchemy 2. This can be a fairly early-game item too, as it doesn’t take a whole lot of steps to get it.

Table Of Contents

    Ways to Create Blade

    Blade in Little Alchemy 2.

    Blade is a fairly basic item, and it can be made in four different ways in Little Alchemy 2.

    • Stone + Metal
    • Stone + Steel
    • Metal + Rock
    • Steel + Rock

    Step-By-Step Instructions to Get Blade

    Little Alchemy 2 Air Starting Element

    Getting a blade for yourself only takes four steps total. These are:

    • Air with Air mix to make Pressure.
    • Earth and Pressure combine to make Stone.
    • Stone plus Fire equals Metal.
    • And the final step is to combine Metal with Stone to get a Blade.

    Recipes that Require Blade in Little Alchemy 2

    Little Alchemy 2 Make Blade

    There are the recipes that require Blade as an ingredient.

    Recipe NameIngredients
    AxeBlade + Wood
    BandageBlade + Fabric
    BayonetBlade + Gun
    BlenderBlade + Electricity
    Blade + Glass
    Blade + Motion
    Blade + Windmill
    Blade + Wind Turbine
    BloodBlade + Human
    Coconut MilkBlade + Coconut
    ConfettiBlade + Paper
    Cookie CutterBlade + Cookie Dough
    Blade + Dough
    CorpseBlade + Human
    HelicopterBlade + Airplane
    Blade + Seaplane
    KatanaBlade + Heat
    Blade + Ninja
    Blade + Shuriken
    KnifeBlade + Cook
    LeatherBlade + Cow
    Blade + Pig
    Blade + Sheep
    MousetrapBlade + Mouse
    Pencil SharpenerBlade + Pencil
    RoseBlade + Flower
    Blade + Plant
    SapBlade + Tree
    ScalpelBlade + Ambulance
    Blade + Doctor
    Blade + Hospital
    ScissorsBlade + Blade
    Blade + Paper
    Blade + Sword
    ScytheBlade + Grass
    Blade + Wheat
    ShurikenBlade + Ninja
    Blade + Star
    SwordBlade + Metal
    Blade + Steel
    Blade + Wood
    SwordfishBlade + Fish
    Blade + Shark
    WaxBlade + Beehive
    WoolBlade + Sheep