Make Electricity in Little Alchemy 2.

Little Alchemy 2: How To Make Electricity

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Key Takeaway

The easiest way to make Electricity in Little Alchemy 2 is by mixing Metal and Lightning, but there are many other ways, as well.

Electricity is just one of the 700+ concoctions that players can make in Little Alchemy 2. This is kind of a late game item, however, and some may be wondering what can be combined to make it.

Table Of Contents

    Ways To Create Electricity

    Electricity in Little Alchemy 2.

    Making Electricity in Little Alchemy 2 is possible with tons of different combinations. Here is everything in the game that can be mixed to make it:

    • Wind Turbine + Motion
    • Wind Turbine + Sandstorm
    • Wind Turbine + Storm
    • Wind Turbine + Wind
    • Solar Cell + Light
    • Solar Cell + Star
    • Solar Cell + Sun
    • Lightning + Metal
    • Lightning + Steel
    • Storm + Science

    Step-By-Step Instructions To Get To Electricity

    Steps on how to make Electricity.

    The easiest way to make Electricity is to mix Lightning and Metal. Here’s a step-by-step how-to on how to get there.

    • Earth combine with Earth will give you Land.
    • Two Lands will form a Continent.
    • Continent and Continent will make a Planet.
    • Next, mix Water and Water and get a Puddle.
    • Puddle and Puddle will form a Lake.
    • Mixing Planet with Air makes an Atmosphere.
    • Atmosphere mixed with Water forms Cloud.
    • Two Fires make Energy.
    • A Cloud and an Energy mixes to make Lightning.
    • Fire and Earth will make Lava.
    • Lava and Air will make a Stone.
    • Fire and Stone will form Metal.
    • Metal and Lightning come together to make Electricity.

    Recipes That Require Electricity In Little Alchemy 2

    Solar Cell in Little Alchemy 2.

    These are the recipes in which Electricity is an ingredient.

    Recipe NameIngredients
    AuroraElectricity + Antarctica
    Electricity + Arctic
    Electricity + Atmosphere
    Electricity + Sky
    BatteryElectricity + Container
    Electricity + Mineral
    Electricity + Ore
    BlenderElectricity + Blade
    ChainsawElectricity + Axe
    Electricity + Lumberjack
    ClockElectricity + Sundial
    Electricity + Time
    ComputerElectricity + Hacker
    Electric CarElectricity + Car
    Electricity + Wagon
    Electric EelElectricity + Fish
    ElectricianElectricity + Human
    EmailElectricity + Letter
    ExplosionElectricity + Gunpowder
    Frankenstein’s MonsterElectricity + Corpse
    Electricity + Zombie
    FridgeElectricity + Cold
    GlassElectricity + Sand
    Lawn MowerElectricity + Scythe
    LifeElectricity + Lake
    Electricity + Ocean
    Electricity + Primordial Soup
    Electricity + Sea
    LightElectricity + Flashlight
    Electricity + Light Bulb
    Light BulbElectricity + Glass
    Light SwordElectricity + Sword
    LightningElectricity + Cloud
    Electricity + Rain
    Electricity + Storm
    OzoneElectricity + Air
    Electricity + Atmosphere
    Electricity + Oxygen
    Sewing MachineElectricity + Needle
    Electricity + Thread
    Solar CellElectricity + Sun
    StormElectricity + Atmosphere
    Electricity + Cloud
    Stun GunElectricity + Bow
    Electricity + Gun
    Vacuum CleanerElectricity + Broom
    Wind TurbineElectricity + Wind
    Electricity + Windmill
    WireElectricity + Metal
    Electricity + Rope
    Electricity + Steel