How to Make a Grass in Little Alchemy 2.

Little Alchemy 2: How to Make Grass

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Key Takeaway

In Little Alchemy 2, you can mix together the element of Earth with Earth to make Land, then combine it with Plant to make Grass.

Grass is one of the many elements that is needed to make a lot of other items in Little Alchemy 2. In order to create it, players will first have to mix several other recipes.

Table Of Contents

    Ways to Create Grass

    Grass in Little Alchemy 2.

    Making Grass in Little Alchemy 2 requires first making the fairly basic item of Plant. There are two total recipes that will make Grass.

    • Plant + Earth
    • Plant + Land

    Step-By-Step Instructions to Make Grass

    Plant in Little Alchemy 2.

    To make Plant in Little Alchemy 2, first make Life and mix it with Land.

    First, make Rain:

    • Water and Water will form a Puddle.
    • Puddle and Puddle will make a Pond.
    • Two Ponds form a Lake.
    • Then, mix two Earths to make Land.
    • Land and Land together will form a Continent.
    • Two Continents blended will make a Planet.
    • Air plus Planet will form Atmosphere.
    • Water and Atmosphere make Cloud.
    • Cloud and Water form Rain.

    Next, make Soil:

    • Fire mixed together with another Fire makes Energy.
    • Next, mix Cloud with Energy to make Lightning.
    • Lightning and Lake make Life.
    • Life and Land form two different elements: Animal and Soil.

    Last, combine these two to form Plant and Grass.

    • Soil mixes together with Rain to make Plant.
    • Plant and Land will finally come together to make Grass.

    Recipes That Require Grass in Little Alchemy 2

    Recipe NameIngredients
    AlgaeGrass + Lake
    Grass + Pond
    Grass + Water
    AntGrass + Animal
    Grass + Spider
    AshGrass + Fire
    Carbon DioxideGrass + Night
    CarrotGrass + Vegetable
    CatnipGrass + Cat
    CowGrass + Livestock
    DewGrass + Dawn
    Grass + Fog
    Grass + Water
    FarmerGrass + Human
    FenceGrass + Wall
    FlowerGrass + Double Rainbow!
    Grass + Garden
    Grass + Rainbow
    Grass + Seed
    GardenGrass + Flower
    Grass + Plant
    GreenhouseGrass + Aquarium
    Grass + Glass
    HayGrass + Barn
    Grass + Farm
    Grass + Farmer
    Grass + Grass
    Grass + Pitchfork
    Grass + Scythe
    Grass + Sun
    IvyGrass + Wall
    LawnGrass + Container
    Grass + Lawn Mower
    Lawn MowerGrass + Machine
    Grass + Tool
    MossGrass + Boulder
    Grass + Rock
    Grass + Stone
    NestGrass + Bird
    Grass + Egg
    OxygenGrass + Carbon Dioxide
    Grass + Sun
    ParkGrass + City
    Grass + Village
    PeatGrass + Time
    PicnicGrass + Sandwich
    PlantGrass + Big
    ReedGrass + Pond
    Grass + Puddle
    Grass + River
    Grass + Swamp
    ScytheGrass + Axe
    Grass + Blade
    Grass + Sword
    SeaweedGrass + Ocean
    Grass + Sea
    SmokeGrass + Fire
    SwampGrass + Mud
    TobaccoGrass + Smoke
    WheatGrass + Domestication
    Grass + Farmer
    Grass + Field