Little Alchemy 2: How to Make Heat

How to Make Heat in Little Alchemy 2.

Key Takeaway

Heat is a pretty basic recipe in Little Alchemy 2. Combine Fire and Fire to make Energy, then Air and Energy to make Heat.

One of the beginning recipes in Little Alchemy 2 that can help players to create many of the more desirable elements is Heat. Heat only requires two steps to create.

Table Of Contents

    Ways to Create Heat

    Heat in Little Alchemy 2.

    Heat is fairly easy to make in Little Alchemy 2. It can be formed with any of these four recipes.

    • Air + Energy
    • Fire + Idea
    • Fire + Science
    • Lava + Philosophy

    Step-By-Step Instructions to Get Heat

    The Basic Four Elements in Little Alchemy 2 are Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

    There are only two steps required to make Heat the quickest way. These are:

    • Fire plus Fire will make Energy.
    • Energy mixed with the basic element Air will form Heat.

    Recipes That Require Heat in Little Alchemy 2

    Recipe NameIngredients
    CaramelHeat + Sugar
    CookieHeat + Cookie Dough
    CurrentHeat + Ocean
    Heat + Sea
    EnergyHeat + Science
    ExplosionHeat + Petroleum
    GlassHeat + Sand
    Hot ChocolateHeat + Chocolate
    Heat + Chocolate Milk
    JamHeat + Fruit
    JerkyHeat + Meat
    Heat + Steak
    KatanaHeat + Blade
    LavaHeat + Earth
    Maple SyrupHeat + Sap
    MercuryHeat + Planet
    MetalHeat + Ore
    OmeletHeat + Egg
    PlasmaHeat + Heat
    Heat + Pressure
    RainHeat + Cloud
    SteamHeat + Water
    TeaHeat + Leaf
    WarmthHeat + Air
    Heat + Human
    WaterHeat + Ice
    Heat + Snow