Little Alchemy 2: How to Make Soil

Here are the Step-by-Step Instructions for Making Soil in Little Alchemy 2.

Key Takeaway

In Little Alchemy 2, Soil is made along with Animal when you mix together Life and Land.

Soil is a basis for all plant life in Little Alchemy 2. You can get this amazing element very early in the game if you know just the right steps to mix it up for yourself.

Table Of Contents

    Ways to Create Soil

    Soil in Little Alchemy 2.

    Little Alchemy 2 provides players will several different ways to make almost all of the items in the game. Soil is no exception. It has a total of four recipes that create it.

    • Earth + Life
    • Earth + Organic Matter
    • Land + Life
    • Land + Organic Matter

    Step-By-Step Instructions to Make Soil

    Soil Can Be Used to Make Dew in Little Alchemy 2.

    Soil is a much-needed item in Little Alchemy 2, as it is used for all the different types of Plants in the game. The quickest way to get it is by mixing Life and Land.

    You’ll need a total of 3 Land.

    • Earth and Earth form Land.

    Next, make Life.

    • Land and Land together will make a Continent.
    • Two Continents make a Planet.
    • Air and Planet form Atmosphere.
    • Water and Atmosphere will make a Cloud.
    • Fire and Fire make Energy.
    • Energy and Clouds will make Lightning.
    • Water and Water will form a Puddle.
    • Mix two Puddles together to get a Pond.
    • Pond and Pond will make a Lake.
    • Lake mixed with Lightning will combine to make Life.

    Finally, mix Life and Land to make both Soil and Animal.

    Recipes That Require Soil in Little Alchemy 2

    Recipe NameIngredients
    AnthillSoil + Ant
    DustSoil + Air
    FieldSoil + Farmer
    Soil + Plow
    Soil + Tool
    LandSoil + Big
    Soil + Soil
    MudSoil + Water
    PlantSoil + Life
    Soil + Rain
    Soil + Seed