Making Tool in Little Alchemy 2.

Little Alchemy 2: How to Make Tool

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Key Takeaway

The fastest way to make Tool is to mix Human and Stone together. Humans can be made by mixing Life and Clay.

Players of Little Alchemy 2 can make more than 700 total combinations of different elements, and there are many ways to make each of them. One of the many items that have loads of ways to get it is Tool.

Table Of Contents

    Ways to Create Tool

    Tool in Little Alchemy 2.

    There are many different combinations of elements that make Tool. Each requires that players first have Human, Wood, or both first. These are:

    • Human + Wood
    • Human + Metal
    • Human + Steel
    • Human + Stone
    • Human + Rock
    • Wood + Steel
    • Wood + Metal
    • Wood + Stone
    • Wood + Rock

    Step-By-Step Instructions to Get Tool

    Blade in Little Alchemy 2.

    Making Tools can be quick and easy with a step-by-step walkthrough. So here is one to get this necessary item in Little Alchemy 2.

    • Air and Air together will make Pressure.
    • Earth mixed with Pressure will form Stone.
    • Earth and Earth will make a Land.
    • Land and Land form a Continent.
    • Two Continents together make Planet.
    • Air plus Planet will make Atmosphere.
    • Water mixed with an Atmosphere will form Cloud.
    • Then, mix two Fires together to make Energy.
    • Energy and the Cloud makes Lightning.
    • Water and Water mixed will make a Puddle.
    • Then mix two Puddles to make a Lake.
    • Lightning and Lake forms Life.
    • Life and Land creates two things: Soil and Animal.
    • Make Mud by mixing Earth and Water.
    • Mix Stone and Mud together to get Clay.
    • Clay and Life will make Human.
    • Human and Stone will finally make players the Tool they’ve been looking for.

    Recipes That Require Tool in Little Alchemy 2

    Hammer in Little Alchemy 2.

    These are the recipes in which Tool is required.

    Recipe NameIngredients
    AxeTool + Lumberjack
    Tool + Wood
    BoilerTool + Pressure
    Tool + Steam
    BulletTool + Gunpowder
    ButterTool + Milk
    CashmereTool + Mountain Goat
    CheeseTool + Milk
    ClockTool + Sundial
    Tool + Time
    Coconut MilkTool + Coconut
    ComputerTool + Hacker
    FabricTool + Thread
    FactoryTool + House
    FieldTool + Earth
    Tool + Land
    Tool + Soil
    Fishing RodTool + Fish
    Tool + Piranha
    Tool + Swordfish
    FlashlightTool + Lamp
    Tool + Light
    Tool + Light Bulb
    HammerTool + Metal
    Tool + Steel
    Tool + Stone
    Tool + Rock
    Tool + Woodpecker
    HouseTool + Wall
    HumanTool + Animal
    Tool + Monkey
    Lawn MowerTool + Grass
    Tool + Scythe
    LeatherTool + Cow
    Tool + Pig
    Tool + Sheep
    LensTool + Glass
    MachineTool + Boiler
    Tool + Chain
    Tool + Engineer
    Tool + Tool
    Tool + Wheel
    MeatTool + Animal
    Tool + Chicken
    Tool + Cow
    Tool + Fish
    Tool + Frog
    Tool + Flying Fish
    Tool + Livestock
    Tool + Pig
    Tool + Shark
    Tool + Swordfish
    MetalTool + Ore
    MicroscopeTool + Lens
    MilkTool + Cow
    Tool + Goat
    NeedleTool + Thread
    OmeletTool + Egg
    PaintTool + Double Rainbow!
    Tool + Rainbow
    PipeTool + Tobacco
    PitchforkTool + Hay
    PlowTool + Field
    PotteryTool + Clay
    RopeTool + Boat
    Tool + Pirate Ship
    Tool + Sailboat
    Tool + Wire
    SaddleTool + Horse
    Safety GlassesTool + Glasses
    ShovelTool + Gardener
    Solar CellTool + Light
    Tool + Sun
    StethoscopeTool + Doctor
    Tool + Hospital
    Tool + Sound
    SundialTool + Day
    Tool + Light
    Tool + Sun
    SweaterTool + Wool
    SyringeTool + Needle
    ThermometerTool + Quicksilver
    ThreadTool + Cotton
    ToolboxTool + Box
    Tool + Container
    Tool + Safe
    UmbrellaTool + Rain
    Tool + Storm
    WandTool + Wizard
    WaxTool + Beehive
    WheelTool + Motion
    Tool + River
    Tool + Stream
    Tool + Water
    WoodTool + Forest
    Tool + Tree
    WoolTool + Sheep