Make Wolf in Little Alchemy 2.

Little Alchemy 2: How to Make Wolf

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Key Takeaway

You can make Wolf by combining Animal with Moon.

The base game of Little Alchemy 2 features more than 700 combinations that players can make. One of the many of these is Wolf, which is made by combining two elements that can also be difficult to get.

Table Of Contents

    Ways to Create Wolf

    Wolf in Little Alchemy 2.

    There are only four combinations that will make a Wolf in Little Alchemy 2. Almost all of these require Dog first. These are:

    • Dog + Blood
    • Dog + Forest
    • Dog + Animal
    • Animal +Moon

    Step-By-Step Instructions to Get Wolf

    Step-by-step instructions to get Wolf.

    One of the quickest ways to get to Wolf in Little Alchemy 2 is to make and combine Animal and Moon.

    To get Animal, mix:

    • Two Earths together to make Land.
    • Land and Land to get Continent.
    • Continent times two to form Planet.
    • Water and Water to create Puddle.
    • Two Puddles to make a Lake.
    • Air with the Planet to make Atmosphere.
    • Water and Atmosphere to form a Cloud.
    • Two Fires to make Energy.
    • Energy and Cloud to make Lightning.
    • Lightning and Lake to form Life.
    • Life and Land together to make both Soil and Animal.

    To get Moon, mix:

    • Earth and Water to make Mud.
    • Earth and Fire to get Lava.
    • Air and Lava to make Stone.
    • Planet and Stone to form Moon.

    Once you have the two key elements, combine them to make Wolf.

    Recipes That Require Wolf in Little Alchemy 2

    Werewolf in Little Alchemy 2.

    These are the recipes that call for Wolf as an ingredient.

    Recipe NameIngredients
    BoneWolf + Corpse
    Wolf + Meat
    CageWolf + Metal
    Wolf + Steel
    Wolf + Wall
    CaveWolf + Container
    Wolf + House
    DogWolf + Barn
    Wolf + Bone
    Wolf + Campfire
    Wolf + Domestication
    Wolf + Farm
    Wolf + Farmer
    Wolf + Field
    FoxWolf + Chicken
    Wolf + Chicken Coop
    PiranhaWolf + Fish
    SharkWolf + Fish
    Wolf + Ocean
    Wolf + Sea
    SoundWolf + Wave
    WerewolfWolf + Human