How to Make Wood in Little Alchemy 2.

Little Alchemy 2: How to Make Wood

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Key Takeaway

The quickest way to make Wood in Little Alchemy 2 is by combining Tree and Tool.

Wood is a great item to make in Little Alchemy 2. It opens up a lot of other items that players can use in order to create even more combinations. That being said, it’s not easy to get to.

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    Ways to Create Wood

    Wood in Little Alchemy 2.

    If you are looking to make Wood, there are actually quite a few combinations that make it.

    • Tree + Axe
    • Tree + Chainsaw
    • Tree + Lumberjack
    • Tree + Sword
    • Tree + Tool
    • Forest + Axe
    • Forest + Chainsaw
    • Forest + Lumberjack
    • Forest + Tool

    Step-By-Step Instructions to Get Wood

    Recipes Needed to Make Wood in Little Alchemy 2.

    Although there are tons of items that can be blended together to make Wood in Little Alchemy 2, these still take quite a while to get to in the game. Combining Tree and Tool is one of the quickest ways to get to Wood.

    First, make Tool. Here’s how:

    • Add two Airs together to get Pressure.
    • Earth and Pressure together with make Stone.
    • Earth plus Earth will make Land.
    • Land and Land form a Continent.
    • Continent plus Continent will make a Planet.
    • Planet combined with Air will equal Atmosphere.
    • Atmosphere plus Water makes a Cloud.
    • Fire and Fire together will make Energy.
    • Cloud and Energy together with Lightning.
    • Water plus Water for Puddle.
    • And a Puddle and a Puddle will make a Lake.
    • Lightning combined with a Lake will make Life.
    • Earth plus Water will make a Mud.
    • Earth and Fire combine to make Lava.
    • Air and Lava to create Stone.
    • Stone and Mud will make a Clay.
    • Land mixed with Life makes both Soil and Animal.
    • Clay and Life will make a Human.
    • Human and Stone will make Tool.

    Here’s how to make Tree:

    • Animal together with Animal forms the item Domestication.
    • Air and Animal will form a Bird.
    • Bird and Domestication make a Chicken.
    • Bird and Bird make Egg.
    • Chicken and Egg form a Philosophy.
    • The combine Planet and Philosophy will make Big.
    • Cloud and Pressure make Rain.
    • Rain mixed together with a Soil will make a Plant.
    • Big plus Plant will form a Tree.

    Once you have Tree and Tool, combine them to make Wood.

    Recipes That Require Wood in Little Alchemy 2

    Recipe NameIngredients
    ArrowWood + Bullet
    Wood + Bow
    AxeWood + Blade
    Wood + Stone
    Wood + Tool
    BeaverWood + Animal
    BeehiveWood + Bee
    BellWood + Sound
    BoatWood + Lake
    Wood + Ocean
    Wood + River
    Wood + Sea
    Wood + Water
    BookWood + Paper
    BowWood + Rope
    Wood + Wire
    BridgeWood + River
    Wood + Stream
    BroomWood + Hay
    BucketWood + Container
    CampfireWood + Fire
    Wood + Flamethrower
    CartWood + Wheel
    CharcoalWood + Fire
    CoffinWood + Corpse
    Cutting BoardWood + Cook
    DrumWood + Fabric
    Wood + Leather
    Wood + Music
    FireplaceWood + Container
    Fishing RodWood + Fish
    Wood + Piranha
    Wood + Swordfish
    FluteWood + Air
    Wood + Wind
    Fruit TreeWood + Fruit
    Log CabinWood + House
    LumberjackWood + Human
    MailboxWood + Letter
    Wood + Mailman
    MirrorWood + Glass
    MousetrapWood + Cheese
    PaperWood + Blender
    Wood + Machine
    Wood + Pressure
    Wood + Water
    PencilWood + Charcoal
    Wood + Coal
    PinocchioWood + Life
    Wood + Story
    PipeWood + Tobacco
    PlowWood + Earth
    Wood + Field
    PopsicleWood + Juice
    RulerWood + Pencil
    SmokeWood + Fire
    SnowboardWood + Ice
    Wood + Snow
    SwordWood + Blade
    TentWood + Fabric
    ToolWood + Human
    Wood + Metal
    Wood + Rock
    Wood + Steel
    Wood + Stone
    TreeWood + Plant
    TreehouseWood + Tree
    Trojan HorseWood + Horse
    WallWood + Wood
    WandWood + Wizard
    WoodpeckerWood + Bird