The cover art of the game Neon White featuring four of the main characters.

Neon White: How to Unlock the True Ending

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Key Takeaway

To get the True Ending, you’ll need to unlock all 10 of White’s memories by maxing out your relationships with the other characters. To do this, you need to find and turn in every gift in the game.

Neon White is a speedrunner’s dream. The fast-paced first-person shooter has players leaping around different maps while using cards to gain power-ups and defeat enemies as quickly as possible. The story is surprisingly deep, and getting the True Ending will take some serious dedication and skill.

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    Possible Endings in Neon White

    Neon White tells the story of a group of misfits pulled from Hell to compete in a yearly demon-slaughtering competition, with the winner securing a spot in Heaven.

    Each mission includes a number of different levels, and to complete a level, you must defeat every demon on the map and make it to the finish line within a certain time frame. Finishing the level within the time threshold will earn you a medal based on your speed, ranging from Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Ace. Completing a level once with a Bronze Medal will unlock the ability to see hidden items and alternate routes which could help you finish faster.

    The main character of Neon White during the Book of Death, or standard, ending.

    Neon White has a total of two endings: the Book of Death ending and the Book of Life ending. Simply completing the game without too much fuss will earn you the Book of Death ending, which fails to wrap up the more interesting loose ties. If you want a more fleshed-out conclusion, you’ll need to shoot for the Book of Life ending.

    How to Unlock the True Ending

    A total of 93 gifts appear throughout the game. Gifts only appear in a level after you’ve completed it and earned at least a Bronze Medal. While these can be tricky to obtain, you’ll need to gather each and every one of them to unlock the True Ending.

    These gifts can be given to other characters in the game, and the more gifts you give, the stronger your relationships will become. Increasing your relationship level with a character will unlock new cutscenes and, more importantly, more of Neon White’s memories. Unlocking all 10 of these memories is the true goal.

    The characters of Neon White following the True Ending, or the Book of Life ending.

    Characters appreciate the following gifts:

    • Neon Red – Perfume (22 total)
    • Neon Yellow – Six Pack (17 total)
    • Neon Violet – Tattletail Toy (22 total)
    • Neon Green – Strange Coin (4 total)
    Gifts appear as wrapped boxes with the exception of Neon Green’s gifts, which appear as gold coins. To ‘give’ them to Neon Green, visit the beach in Central Heaven and throw them into the water.

    Raz appreciates Lucky Cat Statues and Mikey enjoys Cigars, but bringing these characters gifts won’t unlock any memories. Still, since you’ll have them in your possession, you might as well hand them over to see some unique cutscenes.

    After all of White’s memories have been uncovered, you’ll need to start Mission 12: Hand of God. If you’ve already completed the game with the Book of Death ending, you can still return to Heaven’s Gate and redo the final chapter after collecting everything to trigger the Book of Life ending. You won’t be able to leap to Level 2 on its own. You’ll need to complete both Level 1: Sacrifice and Level 2: Absolution.

    When given the choice of writing Green’s name in the Book of Death or the Book of Life, choose the latter to trigger the True Ending.