Alpione’s Next Chapter

Octopath Traveler 2: Alpione’s Next Chapter Guide

Don't hunt for pleasure.

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Alpione’s Next Chapter is a side quest in Octopath Traveler 2 that you can start after you complete Ochette’s Chapter 3. To initiate this quest, talk to the Alpione near the entrance of Gravell, Wildlands. Alpione is looking for work and asks us to keep an ear out for employment opportunities.

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    Find Work For Alpione

    Alpione mentions she’s only good at hunting, so you’d initially think to head out to the Beasting village, but the answer is much closer: The Western Gravell Wilds. Take the western exit of Gravell to enter the Western Gravell Wilds. You’ll encounter a Merchant not too far away.

    If you speak to him, he’ll mention there’s a monster around the area that’s worth a lot of money, but he’s not much of a fighter. Now, use a Path Action such as Scrutinize or Bribe on him to glean the Hunting Request information from him.

    The Merchant who asks Alpione to hunt monsters.

    This information tells you he’s looking to sell monster parts for money. Ethics aside, bring this information back to Alpione.

    Alpione’s Next Chapter Rewards

    Alpione set’s off with a new mission, and your rewards for finding her a new purpose are:

    • 10,000 Leaves
    • Alpione’s Amulet

    Take the rewards and the nice feeling of accomplishment on to the next step.