Octopath Traveler 2: How to Get the STuFfeD ToY (Sunshadow Staff)

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There’s a boy in the town of Gravell in Octopath Traveler 2 that’s always talking about scary stuff, and he’s made a deal with the STuFfed ToY that he carries around to keep him safe. You can’t get your hands on this item, but there’s something much better waiting for you.

To be clear, you can’t get the STuFfeD ToY. The item is there to spark interest in the Boy. If you Scrutinize him, you’ll learn about an interesting deal he made with the stuffed toy. You can also learn from someone in town that the boy wanders at dawn.

With this information, change the time to night and then take the western exit of town to enter the Western Gravell Wilds. As soon as you leave town, wait in that area near the cliff.

Here’s the twist: You can’t speed up time to find the Boy. You have to wait a while until night turns into dawn organically. This means you’ll need to hang out for several minutes. Eventually, you’ll see the young kid walking toward the cliff.

The Boy holding the Stuffed Toy walking to the cliff.

With Temenos in your party, Coerce the Boy and prepare for a tough battle. As it turns out, you won’t fight the Boy at all, but rather a mysterious entity with a Shield of 15.

The Strange Entity in Octopath Traveler 2.

It’s quite difficult to break this entity, as it deals a good bit of damage, has a move that gives it a 100% dodge rate against 3 physical attacks, and also casts Deadly Gaze, a move that kills you in four turns. Be sure to equip Temenos with Rise Again to give you some insurance on life, and save all of your BP for attacking the entity with your Staff.

Eventually, you’ll break it and glean a wall of ominous text, as well as the location of a Hidden Item. Check the Hidden Item under the tree directly behind you and you’ll get your hands on the Sunshadow Staff.

The Sunshadow Staff in Octopath Traveler 2.

The Sunshadow Staff is incredibly powerful, with Physical Attack at +171 and Elemental Attack at +335, as well as making light- and dark-based attacks more potent.