The Proof of Innocence quest in Octopath Traveler 2.

Octopath Traveler 2: Proof of Innocence Guide

The court finds you not guilty.

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Proof of Innocence is a side quest in Octopath Traveler 2 that you get after speaking to Meylan, a gentleman standing outside of the high court of Timberain, Leaflands, during the day (speaking to him at night starts the Proof of Guilt quest). The man on trial is accused of stealing from a noble, but Meylan doubts his culpability. If only there were some proof of innocence.

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    Where to Find Proof of Innocence

    You can find some clues about how to solve this quest by walking inside the courthouse and listening to the deliberation. Bianco, the man accused of stealing the Morning Star Bracelet, a treasured piece of art, says he was at helping a woman who had fallen ill outside the inn. However, he doesn’t remember her name.

    Leave the courtroom and go left towards the inn. Talk to the Sickly Woman standing on the bridge near the inn and you’ll learn a kind man helped her when she fell ill. This must be her!

    The Sickly Woman in Timberain.

    Recruit her using a Path Action and then talk to Meylan again during the day. She’ll agree to testify on Bianco’s behalf.

    Proof of Innocence Rewards

    Proof of Innocence rewards.

    Your rewards for proving Bianco’s innocence are:

    • 11,000 Leaves
    • Nourishing Nut (L)
    • Olive of Life (M)

    And so ends the tale…