Recording a dark house using a video camera in Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia: How to Put the Camera on the Tripod

Believe us, you won't want to be in the room when the ghost gets angry.

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Key Takeaway

You can place a Tripod by dropping it with the G key or using the Secondary Use key (F) to place it more accurately. With a Video Camera in hand, focus on the Tripod and press F to place it once you see the outline pop up.

In Phasmophobia, the Video Camera is used to detect Ghost Orbs. After propping the device on a Tripod, you can return to your van to monitor the recorded area, making it the perfect way to catch spirits in the act. Placing the Camera on the Tripod isn’t too much trouble.

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    How to Get a Video Camera and Tripod

    The Video Camera is available in the shop for $50. Along with detecting Ghost Orbs, the item can also observe any Ghost Interaction if it’s facing the right direction. During a Ghost Hunt, the Video Camera will malfunction, something common among all electronic equipment in the game.

    It’s possible to utilize up to six Video Cameras per job.

    In order to survey particular areas of the house from a safe distance, you’ll need to set your Video Camera on a Tripod. These are available from the shop for $25, and you can carry up to five Tripods per job.

    Once you’ve placed your Video Camera on a Tripod, you and your friends can watch the live feed from the van.

    Toggle between normal and night vision by holding the camera and right-clicking.

    How to Put the Camera on the Tripod

    You can place a Tripod by dropping it. To do this, press the G key. Make sure you’re facing the way you’d like the camera to face.

    It’s also possible to use your Secondary Use key (F) to place your Tripod more accurately. Hold F and move the mouse left and right to adjust where you’d like the Tripod to go.

    Change the item you’re holding by pressing Q or scrolling using the mouse wheel. To pick up an item, press E.
    Placing a video camera on a tripod in Phasmophobia.

    With the Video Camera in hand, focus on the Tripod. You’ll see an outline appear on top of the Tripod. Press F to place the Video Camera.

    Moving the Tripod at this point will take the Video Camera along with it. To remove the camera from the Tripod, focus on it and press E.