Cover photo for each main path in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Gym, Titan, and Team Star Progression Guide

Ensure that you complete all three main storylines by progressing in the best order.

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To complete the game, you’ll want to finish all three main paths. However, since the game is open world, the order in which you should attempt these main battles is unclear. You’ll need to learn how to progress through Paldea.

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    How to Progress in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

    Pokémon Scarlet and Violet consists of three main storylines: Victory Road (to defeat the eight Gyms and Elite Four), Path of Legends (to defeat the Titan Pokémon), and Starfall Street (to defeat all of Team Star’s bases). The most efficient way to get through the game is to tackle all three paths at once, in the order that makes the most sense based on the level of your Pokémon.

    Cortondo Gym (Recommended Level 14-15)

    Victory pose after defeating Cortondo Gym.

    You’ll want to start your journey by heading to Cortondo Gym, as it is the easiest one to take down.

    Gym Test

    To fight the Cortondo Gym Leader, you must first pass a Gym Test. This Gym Test simply requires you to push a giant inflatable olive through a maze. Push the olive to the finish line, and you’ll be able to progress.

    Gym Leader

    The Gym Leader for Cortondo Gym is Katy, and she primarily uses Bug-type Pokémon. The following are the Pokémon you must defeat to get the Gym Badge:

    1. Nymble, level 14 (Bug)
    2. Tarountula, level 14 (Bug)
    3. Teddiursa, level 15 (Normal, Bug Tera Type)

    You’ll want to use Flying, Rock, or Fire-type attacks to take her Pokémon down.

    Stony Cliff Titan (Recommended Level 16)

    The Stony Cliff Titan.

    After the first Gym, you’ll want to find the Stony Cliff Titan. You can find this Titan in South Province (Area Three). Because it is a Rock-type Pokémon, you’ll want to rely on Grass, Water, or Ground-type attacks to take it down.

    Artazon Gym (Recommended Level 16-18)

    Victory pose after defeating Artazon Gym.

    Once you’ve taken down the Stony Cliff Titan, you should be just about ready to head to Artazon Gym.

    Gym Test

    To reach the Atrazon Gym Leader, you’ll again need to pass a Gym Test. This Gym Test is a game of Hide-and-Seek with Sunflora scattered around the town. Simply wander around until you’ve collected all the Sunflora, and then you can face the Gym Leader.

    Gym Leader

    The Gym Leader for Artazon Gym is Brassius, and he largely relies on Grass-type Pokémon. The following are the Pokémon you must defeat to get the Gym Badge:

    1. Petilil, level 16 (Grass)
    2. Smoliv, level 16 (Grass)
    3. Sudowoodo, level 18 (Rock, Grass Tera Type)

    You’ll want to use Flying, Bug, or Fire-type attacks to take down his Pokémon.

    Open Sky Titan (Recommended Level 19)

    The Open Sky Titan.

    The Open Sky Titan should be next up on your to-do list. This Titan is Flying and Dark-type, so you’ll want to rely on Electric, Rock, Fairy, or Ice-type moves to defeat it. You can find the Open Sky Titan in West Province (Area One).

    Team Star Dark Crew (Recommended Level 20-21)

    Victory pose after defeating Team Star's Dark base.

    Every Team Star battle includes a lackey you must defeat before entering the base, followed by a timed, auto-battle session in which you need to defeat 30 Pokémon within 10 minutes. As long as you have a few Pokémon around the recommended level, you will not have an issue completing these steps. Once done, you’ll be able to fight the base’s leader.

    The leader of the Dark Crew is Giacomo. He will use the following Pokémon:

    1. Pawniard, level 21 (Dark/Steel)
    2. Segin Starmobile, level 20 (Dark Revaroom)

    Use Fighting, Dark, or Fairy-type moves to get through this battle.

    Levincia Gym (Recommended Level 23-24)

    Victory pose after defeating Levincia Gym.

    After you’ve defeated your first Team Star base, you can head to Levincia Gym.

    Gym Test

    Unfortunately, the Gym Test for Levincia Gym is more of a pain to go through than the ones you’ve done so far. For this test, Iono, the Gym Leader, will ask you to locate “Mr. Walksabout.” The game is essentially Where’s Waldo, so you’ll just need to spot him from a distance and click on him. However, you must do this multiple times with Pokémon battles in between. The trainers will use the following Pokémon:

    1. Luxio, level 22 (Electric)
    2. Tynamo, level 22 (Electric) and Flaaffy, level 22 (Electric)

    Gym Leader

    Once the test is completed, you can fight Gym Leader, Iono. She will use mostly Electric Pokémon. The following are the Pokémon you must defeat to get the Gym Badge:

    1. Wattrel, level 23 (Electric/Flying)
    2. Belibolt, level 23 (Electric)
    3. Luxio, level 23 (Electric)
    4. Mismagius, level 24 (Ghost, Electric Tera Type)

    You can use Ground-type moves to bring down a couple of these Pokémon, but Wattrel and Mismagius are both immune to Ground-type moves.

    Team Star Fire Crew (Recommended Level 26-27)

    Victory pose after defeating Team Star's Fire base.

    After going through the battle with the lackey and the auto battle event at Team Star’s Fire Crew base, you can face their leader, Mela. She will use the following Pokémon:

    1. Torkoal, level 27 (Fire)
    2. Schedar Starmobile, level 26 (Fire Revaroom)

    Rock, Ground, and Water-type moves will be most effective for this battle.

    Lurking Steel Titan (Recommended Level 28)

    The Lurking Steel Titan.

    Next up is the Lurking Steel Titan. Though this Titan is Steel-type and should be weak to Ground-type moves, it has an ability that makes it absorb Ground-type moves. Thus, you’ll want to rely on Fire and Fighting-type moves instead. You can find the Lurking Steel Titan in East Province (Area Three).

    Cascarrafa Gym (Recommended Level 29-30)

    Victory pose after defeating Cascaraffa Gym.

    Next up, you can head to Cascarrafa Gym.

    Gym Test

    The Gym test you must complete to battle against the Cascarrafa Gym Leader is another time-consuming task. You must return Kofu’s wallet to him in Porto Marinada. Additionally, you’ll need to take down a trainer who has the following Pokémon:

    1. Floatzel, level 28 (Water)
    2. Clauncher, level 28 (Water)

    Finally, you will need to bid on something for Kofu and win it at an auction. Don’t worry—he gives you the money to do this, so just keep placing the highest bid with his money.

    Gym Leader

    After this test is done, you will have the opportunity to battle Kofu, who mostly relies on Water-type Pokémon. The following are the Pokémon you must defeat to get the Gym Badge:

    1. Veluza, level 29 (Water)
    2. Wugtrio, level 29 (Water)
    3. Crabominable, level 30 (Fighting/Ice, Water Tera Type)

    You’ll want to use Grass-type attacks to take down his Pokémon.

    Team Star Poison Crew (Recommended Level 32-33)

    Victory pose after defeating Team Star's Poison base.

    Next, you’ll head to Team Star’s Poison Crew base. Once you go through the lackey and auto battles, you’ll be able to take down the leader, Atticus. Atticus has more Pokémon than the leaders of the previous bases. These Pokémon include:

    1. Skuntank, level 32 (Poison/Dark)
    2. Revaroom, level 33 (Steel/Poison)
    3. Muk, level 32 (Poison)
    4. Navi Starmobile, level 32 (Poison Revaroom)

    Ground or Psychic-type moves work best against this set of Poison-type Pokémon.

    Medali Gym (Recommended Level 35-36)

    Victory pose after defeating Medali Gym.

    Shortly after defeating the Team Star Poison Crew, you can head to Medali Gym.

    Gym Test

    To get to the Medali Gym Leader, you’ll have to get through probably the most tedious Gym test of them all. This Gym Test requires you to figure out the secret order at a restaurant. To get the secret order, you’ll need to take down trainers and get their clues. However, you can also bypass this process by checking out our Medali Gym Test secret order guide.

    Gym Leader

    Once you’ve ordered the correct food, you’ll gain access to the Medali Gym Leader, Larry. He uses primarily Normal-type Pokémon. The following are the Pokémon you must defeat to get the Gym Badge:

    1. Komala, level 35 (Normal)
    2. Dudunsparce, level 35 (Normal)
    3. Staraptor, level 36 (Flying/Normal, Normal Tera Type)

    You’ll want to use Fighting-type attacks to take his Pokémon down.

    Montenevera Gym (Recommended Level 41-42)

    Victory pose after defeating Montenevera Gym.

    After buffing up your Pokémon a bit more once the Medali Gym Leader has been defeated, you can head to Montenevera Gym.

    Gym Test

    The most important thing to note regarding the Montenevera Gym Test is that you’ll need at least two Pokémon in good shape for battle. The Gym Test involves taking down three trainers, specifically in double battles. This means you’ll be using two of your Pokémon at a time. The trainers’ Pokémon are as follows:

    1. Greavard, level 40 (Ghost) and Shuppet, level 40 (Ghost)
    2. Misdreavus, level 40 (Ghost) and Haunter, level 40 (Ghost/Poison)
    3. Drifblim, level 40 (Ghost/Flying) and Sableye, level 40 (Ghost)

    Gym Leader

    This Gym Leader’s name is Ryme, and her party will consist primarily of Ghost-type Pokémon. The following are the Pokémon you must defeat to get this Gym Badge:

    1. Mimikyu, level 41 (Ghost/Fairy)
    2. Banette, level 41 (Ghost)
    3. Houndstone, level 42 (Ghost)
    4. Toxtricity, level 42 (Electric/Poison, Ghost Tera Type)

    You’ll want to use Dark and Ghost-type attacks to take down her Pokémon.

    Quaking Earth Titan (Recommended Level 44)

    The Quaking Earth Titans from Violet (left) and Scarlet (right).

    The Quaking Earth Titan will be different depending on which version of the game you’re playing. If you’re playing Pokémon Scarlet, you’ll be against Great Tusk, a Ground and Fighting-type Pokémon. For this one, you’ll want to use Grass, Flying, Fairy, Psychic, or Water-type moves. If you’re playing Pokémon Violet, you’ll be facing Iron Treads, a Ground and Steel-type Pokémon. To defeat this one, you should use Water, Ground, Fire, and Fighting-type moves. The Quaking Earth Titan can be found in Asado Desert.

    Alfornada Gym (Recommended Level 44-45)

    Victory pose after defeating Alfornada Gym.

    The second to last Gym you’ll want to take down is Alfornada Gym.

    Gym Test

    The Test for this Gym is not difficult, though it is unique. You’ll need to go through something called “emotional spectrum practice.” Essentially, you’ll just need to push the corresponding buttons to match Medicham and Dendra’s emotions. You’ll need to do this quickly enough to pass.

    In between the emotional spectrum practice, you’ll need to fight two trainers to complete the Gym Test. These trainers will use the following Pokémon:

    1. Gothita, level 43 (Psychic), and Kirlia, level 43 (Psychic/Fairy)
    2. Grumpig, level 43 (Psychic), and Medicham, level 43 (Fighting/Psychic)

    Gym Leader

    Once you’ve completed the Gym Test, you’re ready to face Gym Leader, Tulip. Her lineup will include primarily Psychic Pokémon. The following are the Pokémon you must defeat to get the Gym Badge:

    1. Farigiraf, level 44 (Normal/Psychic)
    2. Espartha, level 44 (Psychic)
    3. Gardevoir, level 45 (Psychic/Fairy)
    4. Florges, level 45 (Fairy, Psychic Tera Type)

    You’ll want to use Dark, Ghost, and Bug-type attacks to take her Pokémon down.

    Glaseado Gym (Recommended Level 47-48)

    Victory pose after defeating Glaseado Gym.

    Finally, after you’ve earned a Gym Badge from every other Gym, you’ll want to take down Glaseado Gym.

    Gym Test

    This Gym Test is debatably the most unique and enjoyable out of the lot. This test is known as the Snow Slope Run, and you’ll need to slide down the mountainside to complete it. You must aim to hit the rainbow banners on the way down and get to the bottom in the allotted time.

    Gym Leader

    After you’ve completed the Snow Slope Run, you’re ready to take on the final Gym Leader, Grusha. His group of Pokémon are primarily Ice-type. The following are the Pokémon you must defeat to get the Gym Badge:

    1. Frosmoth, level 47 (Ice/Bug)
    2. Beartic, level 47 (Ice)
    3. Cetitan, level 47 (Ice)
    4. Altaria, level 48 (Dragon/Flying, Ice Tera Type)

    You’ll want to use Steel, Ground, Fire, and Fighting-type attacks to take down his Pokémon.

    Team Star Fairy Crew (Recommended Level 50-51)

    Victory pose after defeating Team Star's Fairy base.

    You’ll next want to head to Team Star’s Fairy Crew base. This will be the second to last Team Star battle, and you’ll repeat the same process you have for the previous ones with the lackey battle and auto battle event. Afterwards, you will fight Ortega, the base’s leader. Ortega will use the following Pokémon:

    1. Azumarill, level 50 (Water/Fairy)
    2. Wigglytuff, level 50 (Normal/Fairy)
    3. Dachsbun, level 51 (Fairy)
    4. Ruchbah Starmobile, level 50 (Fairy Revaroom)

    For this bunch of Pokémon, you’ll want to rely on Poison and Fairy-type attacks to take them down.

    False Dragon Titan (Recommended Level 55)

    The False Dragon Titan.

    The final Titan will be fought in several stages. First, you will need to take down the False Dragon, which is strictly a Water-type Pokémon. Therefore, you can rely on Electric-type moves to take it down. After you do this, you’ll fight the real Titan, which is both Water and Dragon-type. For this battle, you can use Fairy and Dragon-type moves to defeat it.

    Team Star Fighting Crew (Recommended Level 55-56)

    Victory pose after defeating Team Star's Fighting base.

    Finally, you can conclude the main part of your journey with finishing off Team Star’s last base—their Fighting Crew. Take down another lackey and complete the auto battle event, and then you’re off to defeat their final leader, Eri. Eri will almost have a full set of Pokémon, including:

    1. Toxicroak, level 55 (Poison/Fighting)
    2. Passimian, level 55 (Fighting)
    3. Annihilape, level 56 (Fighting/Ghost)
    4. Lucario, level 55 (Fighting/Steel)
    5. Caph Starmobile, level 56 (Fighting Revaroom)

    For this battle, Fairy, Flying, and Psychic-type moves will be your best bet for taking the team down.