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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: How to Get the Amulet Coin

It will always be your payday if you have this precious coin!

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Key Takeaway

You get the Amulet Coin from a Pokémon League Representative at the Medali East Pokémon Center. If you talk to the Representative after you defeat five trainers in West Province Area Three, they’ll reward you with an Amulet Coin.

There are a lot of expensive—and valuable—items in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. If you want to be a big spender, you should get the Amulet Coin. With this trinket, you’ll be rolling in cash in no time!

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    Where to Find the Amulet Coin

    The Medali East Pokémon Center on the map.

    At the Medali East Pokémon Center, there is a Pokémon League Representative. If you defeat five NPC Pokémon trainers in West Province Area Three, the Representative will give you the Amulet Coin.

    On a related note, these Representatives can be found at many different Pokémon Centers. They often hand out unique or rare rewards if you defeat enough trainers. However, the number of trainers you need to beat for said rewards varies depending on the area.

    How to Find NPC Pokémon Trainers

    NPC trainers are spread evenly across the map. With that said, many of them like to hang out on paths. So if you’re looking for trainers to battle, start by walking along the simple dirt roads that crisscross the Paldea region.

    Also, there are definitely trainers who can’t be found on or near paths. You’ll find these rugged explorers as you adventure into the wilderness in search of rare Pokémon and valuable loot. If you’ve forgotten who you’ve already battled, remember this: trainers you haven’t battled yet will have a white, yellow, or black speech bubble above them.

    What Does the Amulet Coin Do?

    The description of the Amulet Coin in the menu. It says that you get double the money by using it.

    The Amulet Coin is an item you give one of your Pokémon to hold. If a Pokémon holding an Amulet Coin is sent out in battle at least once, the money you get after winning that battle gets doubled. For example, if you beat an NPC trainer that normally gives $1,000 when defeated, they give $2,000 instead.

    The Pokémon holding the Amulet Coin doesn’t even need to use any moves. They just have to show their face sometime during the course of the battle. Use this trick often to build up a lot of money. You’ll need it if you want to buy the best items that the game has to offer.

    Quick Tips for Maximizing Amulet Coin Usage

    A quick and easy strategy to make great use of your Amulet Coin is to make a fast Pokémon with a switch-out move (such as U-Turn or Volt Switch) hold it. Then, put that Pokémon into the first slot of your party.

    When a battle starts, your Amulet Coin holder gets sent out immediately, which triggers Amulet Coin’s effect right away. Then, use your switch-out move to recall your lead Pokémon and send out another member of your party.

    This lets your deal damage to your foe while also switching to a Pokémon better suited for this specific situation. Also, such a tactic allows you to scout your opponent’s lead pocket monster and counter them fluidly.