Alomomola in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Where to Find Alomomola

Head out to sea to see this Pokémon!

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Key Takeaway

Alomomola can only be found in the North Paldean Sea. However, it rarely spawns, so you must be patient while searching. Also, it will stay under the surface of the water and out of reach if you’re moving too fast. You have to stay still and let Alomomola approach you before you can engage it in battle.

When there are 400 Pokémon to catch, completionists have a lot on their plate in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. One of the rarer Pokémon is a seabound fish that you can only find by exploring open waters. To find Alomomola, start by heading north.

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    How to Find Alomomola

    Yellow highlighted area showing where Alomomola spawns on the Paldea map.

    Alomomola can spawn anywhere in the North Paldean Sea. This sea is composed of all the water north of Paldea and the waves northwest of the continent. You can reach this area pretty early.

    Once you’ve unlocked the ability to swim, you can technically get to the North Paldean Sea right afterward. Head out to open waters and then go north. However, be wary of the high-level Pokémon that spawn here—they’re all around level 50.

    With that said, Alomomola doesn’t spawn very often. It’s not as rare as Chansey or Blissey, but it’s certainly rarer than the many Eiscue floating around. As such, you must be patient while searching for the big pink fish.

    How to Catch Alomomola

    A player locking onto an Alomomola deep underwater.

    After you find Alomomola, you have to use your best angler technique to get close enough to battle it. Basically, you need to stay still and let Alomomola approach you. If you try to chase it, Alomomola will swim away from you and likely dive deep enough to get out of your reach.

    Slowly maneuver toward it until you see a question mark appear above its head. Then, stay still until Alomomola gets within Poké Ball-throwing distance. It may not fully come to the surface, however, you can toss a Poké Ball deep enough to reach it.

    A player battling a wild Alomomola with a Clodsire.

    Once you engage Alomomola in battle, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. First, Alomomola has a lot of HP, so it can take some powerful attacks to lower its HP to the yellow or red zone (unless your Pokémon is much higher in level than it). Also, it can learn the move Wish, which restores 50% of its HP.

    A player catching an Alomomola in a pink Heal Ball.

    To prevent it from using Wish, you should put Alomomola to sleep before lowering its HP with attacks so that it can’t heal itself and make your job more difficult. At this point, capturing Alomomola shouldn’t take you too long.