Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Where to Get Sandwich Picks

Top off your Sandwiches with the most aesthetic Sandwich Picks.
Sandwich displaying a Sandwich Pick.

Key Takeaway

You can buy Sandwich Picks from any Artisan Bakery store.

If you’re a Pokémon Scarlet and Violet player who likes to take advantage of Meals and Picnics, then you might want to investigate getting different Sandwich Picks. Without a Sandwich Pick, you cannot hold crafted Sandwiches together.

Table Of Contents

    Where to Find Sandwich Picks

    Menu at Artisan Bakery showing all the Sandwich Picks you can buy.

    Sandwiches have all sorts of benefits—from making certain Pokémon more likely to appear to ensuring more rewards get dropped after battles and Tera Raids. However, you can’t make these Sandwiches without Sandwich Picks.

    You can find and purchase Sandwich Picks at any Artisan Bakery across Paldea. You can find an Artisan Bakery in Alfornada, Artazon, Cascarrafa, Cortondo, Levincia, Medali, Mesagoza, and Porto Marinada.

    Types of Sandwich Picks

    Menu showing which types of Sandwich Picks the player could choose for a Sandwich.

    There are numerous Sandwich Picks you can choose from—all the way from your basic Silver Pick to the Winking Pika Pick. The fancier the Pick, the more expensive it will be. The Picks could range from $40 to $2,000.

    Benefits of Sandwich Picks

    You need Sandwich Picks to complete a Sandwich. Without them, you cannot hold all the ingredients together. However, it doesn’t matter how fancy of a Pick you use. Different Sandwich Picks are purely for visual benefit. So, unless you’re looking to take some aesthetic pictures, stick with your basic Silver Picks.