Example of a crafted Sandwich.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Meal Powers, Explained

Take advantage of Meal Powers by crafting your own Sandwiches.

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Key Takeaway

You can consume Meals that you either make or purchase. Consuming these Meals will give you or your Pokémon special abilities for a certain amount of time.

Meals are a secondary but useful feature in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Meals can be used to give you or your Pokémon certain buffs for a limited time, depending on which meals or sandwiches you consume.

Table Of Contents

    Benefits of Meals

    List of abilities you get from Meal Powers.

    When making or buying meals, there are various benefits you can get. The following is a list of all 10 Powers you can get from meals:

    PowerAbility Gained
    Egg PowerMore likely to find Pokemon eggs
    Catching PowerMore likely catches will succeed
    Exp. Point PowerMore Exp. Points gained
    Item Drop PowerMore materials found after battle
    Raid PowerMore rewards from Tera Raid Battles
    Title PowerMore likely to find Pokemon with titles
    Sparkling PowerMore likely to encounter shiny Pokemon
    Humungo PowerMore likely to encounter large-size Pokemon
    Teensy PowerMore likely to encounter small-size Pokemon
    Encounter PowerMore likely to encounter Pokemon of this type

    The benefits gained from eating a Meal will last for 30 minutes.

    Meal Powers

    Chocolate-Vanilla Fruit Parfait effects.

    The Powers in the table above are the board categories of abilities you can get from consuming Meals. When crafting or buying a Meal in the game, you will notice that each of these Powers has a designated type that goes along with it.

    For example, let’s look at the Chocolate-Vanilla Fruit Parfait that you can purchase for 1,400 Pokédollars. The Meal Powers that go along with this dish are:

    • Catching Power: Ground
    • Item Drop Power: Dark
    • Exp. Point Power: Poison

    This means that by consuming a Chocolate-Vanilla Fruit Parfait, your Pokémon catches will be more likely to succeed with Ground Pokémon, you will find more materials after each battle against Dark Pokémon, and Poison Pokémon will gain more Exp. after battles.

    Meal Levels

    Lemon Gelato meal effects.

    You will also notice that next to the Meal Powers listed, there are levels. For example, in the image of the Lemon Gelato above, the Item Drop Power, Humungo Power, and Exp. Point Power are all listed as being “Lv. 1.” Lv. 2 Powers will be the same buffs, but stronger. These will be found in Sandwiches that are made with rarer ingredients.

    Types of Meals

    To reap the benefits of all these buffs and abilities, you’ll need to purchase or make Meals. You can find Meals in most cities in the game, as there are stores and food carts littered across Paldea. But if you’d rather make your own than spend the money on fancy Meals, Sandwiches are another option.

    How to Make Sandwiches

    Character standing next to the Picnic table.

    To make a Sandwich, find an area out in the open that isn’t in a town. Open your main menu and select “Picnic.” Once your table is up, Walk close to it and push “A” on your Nintendo Switch controller. Choose to make a Sandwich, and select one from your list of recipes.

    You can get ingredients for Sandwiches in the towns and cities scattered across Paldea. In Recipe Mode, the ingredients of the Sandwich are selected for you, so all you must do is arrange the ingredients on the bread.

    Once the sSndwich is made, your character will automatically consume it and gain the benefits.