Professor Snail's Ginger Island Fossil and Survey Guide

Prof. Snail’s Ginger Island Fossil & Survey Guide

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Ginger Island is full of new quests and things to find, and Professor Snail’s fossil quests involve both. Here’s a guide on how to answer Professor Snail’s guide and find all the island fossils he needs.

Table Of Contents

    Mummified Frog

    You can find the Mummified Frog near Leo's house.

    The Mummified Frog can be found by cutting weeds on the eastern side of Ginger Island. Try cutting the weeds around Leo’s treehouse for the best results. You can use either a sword or a scythe to chop those weeds.

    Giving the Mummified Frog to Professor Snail will reward you with a Golden Walnut.

    Mummified Bat

    The Mummified Bat can be obtained in the volcano.

    The Mummified Bat’s method of obtainment is similar to that of the Mummified Frog but takes place in a very different area of Ginger Island: the Volcano. You’ll need to head into the volcano and start breaking rocks. The higher levels you go, the better chance you’ll get at finding the Mummified Bat.

    You’ll gain a Golden Walnut for turning in the Mummified Bat to the Island Field Office.

    Snake Fossil

    Snakes have many bones. In Ginger Island, you’ll have to find three things to complete the snake fossil for the Island Field office.

    Snake Skull (1)

    The Snake Skull can be found at the dig site.

    You’ll find the Snake Skull through these methods:

    • Digging in Artifact Spots at western Ginger Island
    • Fishing at western Ginger Island
    • Digging in Artifact Spots at the Dig Site

    Snake Vertebrae (2)

    You need to find 2 snake veterbrae to complete the fossil.

    You need 2 of these fossil specimens to complete the Snake Fossil. Your best bet to retrieve the Snake Vertebrae is by digging in Artifact Spots in western Ginger Island, much like the Snake Skull.

    Your reward for completing the Snake Fossil will be 3 Golden Walnuts and 1 Mango Sapling.

    Large Animal

    The Large Animal comprises multiple fossil parts to find across Ginger Island. It’ll need a bit of work, but you’ll get a good reward for your efforts.

    Fossilized Skull (1)

    You can find the animal skull by cracking open a Golden Coconut.

    You’ll get the Fossilized Skull by cracking open a Golden Coconut, which can be randomly found from coconut trees all around the island or bought from the Trading Post. Bring them to Clint to crack them open, or a Geode Crusher if you already have one.

    Fossilized Ribs (1)

    You can obtain the ribs by digging in the Dig Site.

    The Fossilized Ribs can be found in only one place: the Dig Site. Keep hitting the Artifact Spots in the Dig Site to find the Fossilized Ribs.

    Fossilized Spine (1)

    You can dig for the spine in the beach.

    The Fossilized Spine is typically found on the southern beach of Ginger Island, where you drop off from the boat. You’ll retrieve the Spine by digging up Artifact Spots found on the beach.

    You may also find the Spine by fishing in the river that runs through the Dig Site.

    Fossilized Tail (1)

    The tail requires a different approach to obtain.

    The Fossilized Tail requires a different method to obtain: panning in the island river with your trusty Copper Pan. The method of doing so is exactly the same as panning for minerals: find a sparkly spot near the riverbank and click on it while holding your Copper Pan.

    Fossilized Leg (2)

    You'll need two legs to complete the Large Animal collection.

    You’ll need 2 Fossilized Legs to complete the Large Animal fossil set. Your highest chance of obtaining them is by breaking Bone Nodes at the Dig Site, which are easily identifiable by the small bones sticking out of them

    Your reward for completing the Large Animal Fossil will be 6 Golden Walnuts and 1 Banana Sapling.

    Island Survey Quiz

    The Island Survey Quiz is accessible by interacting with the wall of the Island Field Office. The quiz comprises 2 questions, both of which (and their answers) are below:

    • How many Purple Flowers can be found on the island?

    Answer: 22

    • How many Purple Starfish can be found on the island?

    Answer: 18

    The rewards for answering each question correctly is 1 Golden Walnut.

    Final Reward

    Completing the fossil collection and the Island Survey gets you something truly special: the crafting recipe for the Ostrich Incubator. You can use the Ostrich Incubator to hatch Ostrich Eggs (found after solving Journal Scrap #10 on Ginger Island) and raise Ostriches on your farm.

    Professor Snail will give you the ostrich incubator recipe after the fossils have been completed.

    Now that you know how to complete the Island Field Office’s tasks, go out there and give Professor Snail a helping hand.