Holding a plastic hook in Raft before searching for Sand.

Raft: How to Get Sand

Sand isn't exactly a rare resource in the ocean, but you'll need to avoid an angry shark to snag some.

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Key Takeaway

To gather Sand, anchor your raft near an island. Either distract the shark with Shark Bait or kill it with your spear before jumping into the shallow water. Dive to the ocean floor and look for round sand deposits. These can be harvested using your Hook.

Sand is a useful crafting resource in Raft, but collecting it isn’t entirely straightforward. Although you’ll find yourself floating on the open ocean, diving into deep water to snag this abundant material is dangerous. You’ll need to find the proper place and use the proper tool to collect Sand effectively.

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    What is Sand Used for in Raft?

    In order to expand your raft and thrive, you’ll need to gather debris and natural materials from the ocean and nearby islands. Sand is an abundant resource and can be used to craft useful items. It can even help you make money!

    When combined with Clay, Sand can be used to create Wet Bricks. Setting these in the sun for five minutes will transform them into Dry Bricks, which can be researched at the Research Table and used to make a Smelter. This device is used to create almost every advanced item in the game.

    Dry Bricks can also be used in the Recycler to make Trash Cubes, which can be used as currency at the Trading Post.

    Sand itself can also be used in the Recycler to make Trash Cubes, but it’s more useful as a crafting material. Try to use easier-to-farm materials to transform into currency.

    Placing Sand and Planks into a Smelter for 60 seconds will create Glass, which can be researched at the Research Table, converted into Trash Cubes in the Recycler, or used to craft other items.

    Glass is an ingredient used to make Drinking Glasses, Advanced Purifiers, Binoculars, Honey, and Metal Lanterns.

    How to Get Sand in Raft

    While you could dive down to the depths of the open ocean to scoop up some Sand, you likely wouldn’t live to tell the tale. Instead, you’ll first want to find an island. Navigating the shallow waters around a landmass is much less treacherous.

    In Raft, a Shark is constantly swimming around your raft, which makes leaping into the water a terrifying prospect. Once you’ve anchored your raft near an island, use your spear to kill the shark. You can also use Shark Bait to distract it as you dive for Sand. This will draw the shark’s attention away from you for a little over one minute, so you’ll need to be quick.

    Using the Hook to gather Sand in the game Raft.

    Equip your Hook and jump into the shallow water. Search for round deposits of sand along the bottom and use your Hook to collect them. When underwater, Sand and Clay look very similar, especially at night. Sand is a slightly lighter color.

    Be sure not to run out of air during your time perusing the ocean floor!