Repairing the knife in Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4: How to Repair the Knife

The "don't bring a knife to a gun fight" rule doesn't apply to Leon Kennedy.

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The knife is one of the most useful weapons in the remake of Resident Evil 4, used for both offensive and defensive purposes. The knife eventually breaks, but you’ll get the chance to repair it.

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    Find the Merchant

    The merchant from Resident Evil 4 greeting Leon.

    If you’re still in the first chapter of the game and your knife is already broken, don’t worry. You can pick up other knives along the way that you can use until you finally make it to Chapter 2.

    At the beginning of Chapter 2, Leon and Luis are locked inside some sort of abandoned building. Progress through the chapter until you can exit the building. You’ll finally meet the merchant for the first time.

    The merchant sells weapons, first aid sprays, recipes, and more. He can also upgrade your weapons, including your knife. On top of all that, the merchant can also repair your knife completely.

    The merchant will repair your knife even when it’s not completely broken yet. Doing so will return the knife’s durability back to its max level. You can also increase your knife’s durability through the merchant, allowing you to use it more. Invest in this upgrade as early as possible.

    Can You Fix the Other Knives in Resident Evil 4?

    The Boot Knife in the inventory in Resident Evil 4.

    The knives you can repair in Resident Evil 4 are the ones Leon can equip. The other knives function like consumable items. You automatically equip these knives should your main one break. Once the “consumable” backup knives break as well, they’ll disappear from your inventory.

    There are five different knives in Resident Evil 4. Three of these can function as your main knives, while the other two are collectibles that you can pick up while exploring.

    KnifeCan You Repair It?How to Acquire
    Combat KnifeYesThis is the default knife.
    Fighting KnifeYesBeat Chapter 13.
    Primal KnifeYesDestroy all Clockwork Castellans.
    Kitchen KnifeNoFound throughout the game.
    Boot KnifeNoFound throughout the game.

    If you want a knife that never breaks, acquire the Primal Knife and fully upgrade it. You can then unlock its exclusive perk that will make the knife completely unbreakable.