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RimWorld: How to Get Components

Gathering this highly sought-after material doesn't have to be a headache.

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Key Takeaway

The quickest way to get Components is by mining Compacted Machinery, which can be found on almost every map. Components can also be acquired by deconstructing Ship chunks or purchasing them from visiting traders.

Once you research Fabrication and build a Fabrication Bench, you can also craft Components. This requires 12 Steel and a colonist at Crafting level 8 or above.

RimWorld centers around building and maintaining a colony on a harsh new world. To survive and thrive during your playthrough, you’ll need to use what materials the planet has to offer. Components are used to create weapons, armor, vital ship parts, and electrical devices.

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    Why Are Components Important?

    Components are a vital crafting ingredient used to create a number of high-tech items, from weapons and armor to tools and machines. A steady supply of this rare resource is necessary to make your colony thrive.

    To construct and upgrade almost all of your colony’s most important pieces of technology and machinery, you’ll need an ample amount of Components. Additionally, electrical devices occasionally stop working due to a breakdown. When this happens, a Construction colonist can use Components to repair them if their Repair Success Chance stat is high enough.

    Components are also used to craft firearms, armor, and certain medical items like Hospital Beds and Prosthetics. It’s difficult to defend and heal your colonists without a steady stream of this precious resource.

    Using weapons to defend yourself and your creations in RimWorld.

    The main goal of RimWorld is to escape the planet by either building or finding a spaceship. Components are used to craft ship parts like structural beams and sensor clusters, bringing you one step closer to victory.

    How to Get Components

    The most effective and reliable way to gather Components is by mining. The majority of maps in RimWorld will spawn with Compacted Machinery nodes near hills and mountains, often between three and six tiles in size. Compacted Machinery deposits are a unique brown color that makes them easy to spot. You can also hover your cursor over a block to double-check if you’re not sure.

    After spotting a Compacted Machinery node, open the Architect Menu and use the ‘Mine’ order to mark the blocks you’d like to mine. Choose a colonist with a high Mining skill to ensure you gather the largest possible amount of Components.

    Choosing either ‘The Rich Explorer’ or ‘Crashlanded’ scenarios when starting a new game will automatically reward you with 30 Components.

    At some point, you’ll likely run out of usable Compacted Machinery nodes. When this happens, Components can also be crafted using a Fabrication Bench. This requires 12 Steel and a colonist at Crafting level 8 or above. Research Microelectronics and Multi-analyzer as soon as possible, and have a Multi-analyzer built. This is required to research Fabrication.

    A Ship Chunk in RimWorld.

    Randomly, green nodes can fall onto the map. These Ship Chunks can be deconstructed for between five and six Components and 20 Steel. If you choose the Crashlanded scenario at the start of the game, you’ll instantly be able to find three on the map.

    Finally, Components can be purchased from traders visiting your colony. These merchants appear at random and can be recognized by a question mark. It’s recommended that you purchase Components from traders whenever possible, even if you already have a decent supply. Components are a resource that can quickly run out when difficult situations arise, and having some in reserve can be a lifesaver.

    Eventually, you’ll have access to the Comms Console. This makes it possible to communicate with other factions and buy Components from orbital trader vessels.

    Components are one of the most important crafting materials in RimWorld. The more advanced your colony becomes, the more Components you’ll need. Always keep a stockpile of this crucial resource at hand as you develop your colony and work towards constructing your spaceship.