Sega Genesis Mini 2 with launch date information.

Sega Genesis Mini 2 Comes to North America in October

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Today, Sega announced that the Sega Genesis Mini 2 will be coming to North America on October 27. It will include Sega CD titles and over 50 classic games, previously unreleased on the Sega Genesis Mini.

The first Sega Genesis Mini launched back in September of 2019. The mini console saw moderate success—enough to lead the company to launching a second one this year. However, the Sega Genesis Mini 2 will only be available exclusively through Amazon.

The new mini console is stated to have even more power than the last, and it will be able to store even more games than before. Additionally, it will have a brand-new design. In the official promotional video, the Sega Genesis Mini 2 is said to include:

  • Sega CD titles
  • Sequels to hit titles
  • Hidden masterpieces that can only be played on the Sega Genesis
  • Ports of blockbuster arcade games
  • Over 50 classic titles
  • New games never seen before

The Sega Genesis Mini 2 will also come with the six-button control pad. Sega notes that the controllers for the original Sega Genesis Mini will be compatible with the new mini console. On the official website, you can browse through some of the games that are set to be coming with the system.