Snap Seed description screen in Sekiro.

Sekiro: How to Get Snap Seeds

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Key Takeaway

You can find Snap Seeds in places such as Ashina Outskirts, Hirata Estate, Sunken Valley, and Ashina Depths. You can also purchase as many Snap Seeds as you want from any merchant after you defeat the True Corrupted Monk.

Sekiro is filled with enemies that perform illusions, and you can dispel those illusions with the use of Snap Seeds. Snap Seeds are also great for dealing with two particular bosses: The Corrupted Monk, and Lady Butterfly.

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    Finding Snap Seeds in Sekiro

    The easiest way to get Snap Seeds in Sekiro is to scour the world for them. There are about 14 Snap Seeds that are scattered all around the game’s fictionalized version of Sengoku-era Japan.

    7 Snap Seeds in Sunken Valley

    You’ll find the first three Snap Seeds in Sunken Valley in the area where the heavy gunners are before the Gun Fort idol. It’ll be on the second level before a wooden fence.

    The first Snap Seed in the Sunken Valley.

    There are three more Snap Seeds outside the Riven Cave idol. There’s a monkey here that’s kneeling in front of a glowing item. This is where you’ll get your Snap Seeds.

    Sekiro crouching before the second Snap Seed pouch in Sunken Valley.

    Finally, there’s one more Snap Seed just beside the Toxic Memorial Mob merchant just outside the Serpent Cave.

    The third Snap Seed in the Sunken Valley.

    5 Snap Seeds in Ashina Outskirts

    There are five Snap Seeds right across the hut you enter to hide from the Great Serpent. This is the area beyond the Underbridge Valley Idol and the path you take to get to Ashina Castle Gate.

    Sekiro running towards the Snap Seed in Ashina Outskirts.

    You can run for the Snap Seeds and risk getting hit by the Great Serpent, or you can hide inside the hut, wait for the Serpent to get near, stab its eye, and run for the Snap Seeds then.

    1 Snap Seed in Hirata Estate

    Inosuke, the weakened NPC you meet outside Lady Buttefly’s boss room, gives you one Snap Seed when you first interact with him.

    1 Snap Seed in Ashina Depths

    There’s another Snap Seed in Ashina Depths. Start from the Hidden Forest idol and proceed to the branch across. Keep going forward until you reach the temple where the Mist Noble is.

    Above the temple is a huggable wall you can use to reach another ledge. Cross the huggable section and you’ll find the Snap Seed.

    Sekiro heading towards the Snap Seed in Ashina Depths.

    Buying Snap Seeds

    You can purchase two Snap Seeds from the Dungeon Memorial Mob, near the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance idol. He sells them for 50 sen apiece.

    After you defeat the True Corrupted Monk boss, you can then purchase an unlimited number of Snap Seeds from any merchant in the game for 80 sen each.

    Snap Seed Usage

    The Snap Seed dispels mist enemies, more prominently found in the Hidden Forest. They also dispel the spirits Lady Butterfly summons during the boss fight.

    The most popular use of the Snap Seeds is during The Corrupted Monk boss fight in Mibu Village. Using one will stun him for a few seconds. You can only do this three times in one encounter.