Collecting the Mask Fragments in Sekiro.

Sekiro: Where to Find Every Mask Fragment

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Key Takeaway

There are only three Mask Fragments in Sekiro. You can purchase one each from the Dungeon Memorial Mob, Pot Noble Harunaga, and Pot Noble Koremori.

A Mask Fragment is a piece that makes up the Dancing Dragon Mask in SekiroOnce the Dancing Dragon Mask is formed by collecting all three Mask Fragments, you’ll gain the ability to increase your attack power with skill points.

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    Where to Find the Mask Fragment: Dragon

    Sekiro standing in front of the Dungeon Memorial Mob.

    One of the pieces of the Dancing Dragon Mask is the Mask Fragment: Dragon. You can purchase this from the Dungeon Memorial Mob for 5,000 Sen. This merchant is located just beside the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance idol.

    Where to Find the Mask Fragment: Right

    Sekiro standing across Pot Noble Harunaga.

    The right piece of the Mask Fragment is sold by Pot Noble Harunaga. You’ll find him in the waters under the bridge on the first section of the Hirata Estate. He’ll sell the Mask Fragment to you in exchange for seven Treasure Carp Scales.

    Where to Find the Mask Fragment: Left

    Sekiro standing across Pot Noble Koremori.

    The left piece of the Mask Fragment is sold by Pot Noble Koremori in exchange for 12 Treasure Carp Scales. This vendor is located beside the Near Pot Noble idol, on a cliff to the left of the palace.

    Since both Pot Noble Haranuga and Pot Noble Koremori only take Treasure Carp Scales as payment for their wares, you’ll need to collect at least 19 of them to get the two Mask Fragments from them.

    You mostly obtain Treasure Carp Scales by killing Treasure Carps. However, some of them can simply be picked up.

    There are 44 Treasure Carp Scales in Sekiro, which means you’ll have more than enough of them to purchase two Mask Fragments.

    Treasure Carp Scales from Treasure Carps

    Sekiro chasing a Treasure Carp.

    You can explore the waters of the following levels to find Treasure Carps and obtain Treasure Carp Scales:

    • Hirata Estate – You’ll find two Treasure Carps in the same waters where you find Pot Noble Harunaga. There are also two more Treasure Carps in the lake under the bridge after the Bamboo Thicket idol.
    • Ashina Castle – You’ll find one in the waters outside the room where the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance idol is. You’ll first need the ability to dive underwater to reach the Treasure Carps.
    • Senpou Temple – The lake close to the Temple Grounds idol contains two Treasure Carps.
    • Sunken Valley – Thre are two Treasure Carps in the lake near the Riven Cave. You’ll need to dive underwater to find the Treasure Carps.
    • Ashina Depths – There’s a Treasure Carp in the river near the bridge in Mibu Village. The bridge in question is the one before the Water Mill idol.
    • Fountainhead Palace – There are seven Treasure Carps in the large body of water just outside the palace. You’ll need to dive underwater to find them.

    Locations of Other Treasure Carp Scales

    You can also obtain a multitude of Treasure Carp Scales while exploring the game’s various levels. Here’s where you can find or collect Treasure Carp Scales outside of just hunting Treasure Carps.

    • Hirata Estate

    There’s one Treasure Carp Scale at the side of the river left of the bridge at the beginning of the level.

    • Ashina Depths

    There’s one in the narrow pathway below the Mibu Village idol. It’s guarded by a Ministry Shinobi.

    You can also obtain five more by giving the priest in Mibu Village the Water of the Palace. He’ll be in the house that’s surrounded by enemies beyond the bridge after Rin’s boss area. You’ll need to crouch and enter the house from underneath via a rotating door.

    As for the Water of the Palace, you’ll find this item in the Fountainhead Palace.

    Start from the Flower Viewing Stage idol and enter the garden behind you. There’s a building to the right with a hole in the ground. Dive here and you’ll find yourself in a room on the other side. The Water of the Palace is in this room.

    Once obtained, give the item to the priest in Mibu Village. Then, reload the area and the priest will transform into an enemy. Defeat him to obtain five Treasure Carp Scales.

    • Fountainhead Palace

    The Fountainhead Palace is the most abundant source of Treasure Carp Scales in the game. You’ll find three of them in the same room where you also find the Water of the Palace.

    You’ll also find five around the large body of water. Three of them are inside a house that’s sunken underwater, and two of them are on the seabed, on a giant carp skeleton.

    You can also collect a total of four by feeding the Giant Colored Carp with Precious Bait.

    What the Dancing Dragon Mask Is For

    With the Dancing Dragon Mask, you can increase your attack power by one in exchange for five Skill Points. This becomes useful once you’ve unlocked all the skills in the skill tree and have more skill points to spare.