Sifu: How to Spare Bosses

Mercy is always an option in Sifu.
Sparing the bosses in Sifu.

It’s fun to beat the enemies senseless as you run through Sifu. However, if break the cycle of violence and spare the bosses instead, you’ll be on your way to the game’s true ending. It’s a more challenging approach than the alternative, but it’s a rewarding process.

Break Their Structure Twice

All you need to do to spare bosses in Sifu is to break their structure twice during the second phase of the fight. You usually perform a finisher and end them after breaking their structure once. To spare them, once breaking their structure, leave them be and allow them to recover.

Then, continue fighting them and break their structure a second time. Once it is broken once more, on top of the finisher prompt, you’ll now receive an option to “Spare” them by pressing the left D-Pad.

Sparing the Botanist in Sifu.

Now that you know how to spare bosses, do this for all five bosses and you’ll receive the game’s “Good” ending. For every boss, except for the last one, the fight ends when you spare them. For the Leader boss fight, however, a final round breaks out after you spare him. Defeat him again during this to end the fight.