The Temple of Mara in Skyrim.

Skyrim: How to Get Married

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You’ll want to know how to get married in Skyrim so you can reap the benefits of having a spouse. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about who and how to marry.

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    Why Get Married in Skyrim

    There are a few reasons why getting married could be beneficial for you. To start, you will receive the Bond of Matrimony, which is a ring that grants you a 10% reduced cost for restoration spells. Additionally, you’ll be able to get the Lover’s Comfort resting bonus by sleeping in the same bed as your spouse. This bonus gives you an experience increase of 15% for eight hours. Lastly, if you own a home, your spouse will give you 100 gold once per day and a home-cooked meal which regenerates health, stamina, and magicka.

    Who Can You Marry in Skyrim

    Revyn Sadri, a potential marriage candidate, asking if you're interested in him.

    No matter which race or gender your character is, Skyrim does not restrict your marriage options. In other words, a human male could easily marry a male orc. However, only certain people are open to marriage. You must get on your chosen partner’s good side—usually through quests—before they will be open to marrying you.

    Best Women to Marry

    Marrying any of the women below will give you the same benefits in terms of finances and the rest bonus. Who you choose to marry will likely come down just to personal preference, but there are a couple of factors you may want to consider. For example, some women come with their own property, which you would then own once you’re married. Additionally, some of these women are warriors while others are not. So, if you’re seeking a companion to aid you in battle, you may want to choose one of them. If you’re looking to keep someone around to train you in a certain area, you’ll want to marry someone with Trainer status who has your desired expertise.

    Note that in the table below, DLC options are marked with an asterisk.

    All Female Marriage Options

    NameAboutPerksLocationMarriage Conditions
    Aela the HuntressNord, Werewolf, member of The CompanionsArchery Trainer, FollowerJorrvaskr in WhiterunComplete Companions questline
    AeriNord, Mill OperatorOwns Aeri's HouseAeri's House in Anga's MillChop Firewood for her
    AnwenRedguard, priestess of DibellaNoneTemple of Dibella in MarkarthComplete Heart of Dibella quest
    Avrusa SarethiDark Elf, ApothecaryOwns Sarethi FarmSarethi Farm, northwest of RiftenComplete favor: Smooth Jazbay Quest
    Borgakh the Steel HeartOrc, Orsimer warriorOwns Larak's Longhouse, FollowerMor Khazgur, southwest of SolitudeConvince her to become a follower
    Brelyna MaryonDark Elf, apprentice at College of WinterholdFollowerCollege of WinterholdComplete favor: Brelyna's Practice quest
    Camilla ValeriusImperial, PawnbrokerOwns Riverwood TraderRiverwood TraderComplete The Golden Claw quest
    Dravynea the StoneweaverDark ElfAlteration TrainerKynesgrove, south of WindhelmComplete favor: Dravynea's Frost Salts quest
    Ghorza gra-BagolOrc, BlacksmithSmithing TrainerMarkarthComplete favor: Skilled Apprenticeship quest
    GilfreImperial, Mill OperatorOwns Gilfre's HouseMixwater Mill, south of WindhelmChop firewood for her
    Hilund*Nord, WarriorNoneThirsk Mead Hall, south of Skaal VillageComplete favor: Hilund Favor quest
    IonaNord, Housecarl, WarriorFollowerHoneyside in RiftenBecome Thane of the Rift
    JenassaDark Elf, MercenaryFollowerDrunken Huntsman in WhiterunHire her at least once
    Jordis the Sword-MaidenNord, Housecarl, WarriorFollowerProudspire Manor in SolitudeBecome Thane of Haafingar
    LydiaNord, Housecarl, WarriorFollowerDragonsreach in WhiterunComplete Dragon Rising quest and purchase Breezehome
    Mjoll the LionessNord, Adventurer/WarriorOwns Aerin's House, FollowerRiftenComplete Grimsever's Return quest
    Morwen*Nord, Smith’s ApprenticeOwns Morwen's HouseSkaal VillageComplete favor: Skaal Village Dialogue
    MuiriBreton, Apothecary’s AssistantNoneThe Hag’s Cure in MarkarthComplete Mourning Never Comes quest (also kill Nilsine and must be proprietor of the store to sell Apothecary merchandise)
    Njada StonearmNord, member of The CompanionsBlock Trainer, FollowerJorrvaskr in WhiterunComplete the Companions questline
    OrlaNord, Priestess of DibellaNoneThe Temple of Dibella in MarkarthComplete The Heart of Dibella quest
    Rayya*Redguard, HousecarlFollowerJarl's Longhouse in FalkreathBecome Thane of Falkreath
    RiaImperial, member of The CompanionsFollowerJorrvaskr in WhiterunComplete the Companions questline
    SennaImperial, Priestess of DibellaNoneTemple of Dibella in MarkarthComplete The Heart of Dibella quest
    ShahveeArgonian, Tanning Rack WorkerNoneArgonian Assemblage, outside of WindhelmRetrieve Shahvee's Amulet of Zenithar
    SylgjaNord, MinerOwns Sylgja's HouseShor’s StoneComplete favor: Special Delivery quest
    TaarieHigh Elf, Shop OwnerOwns Radiant RaimentRadiant Raiment in SolitudeInvest in her store
    Temba Wide-ArmNord, Mill OperatorNoneIvarsteadComplete favor: Chop Wood quest or Grin and Bear It quest
    Uthgerd the UnbrokenNord, WarriorOwns Uthgerd's House, FollowerWhiterunChallenge her to a brawl and win
    Viola GiordanoImperialOwns Viola Giordano's HouseWindhelmRat out Revyn Sadri during his favor
    YsoldaNordOwns Ysolda's HouseOpen Market in WhiterunComplete favor: bring her one Mammoth Tusk

    Best Men to Marry

    The same logic for the best women to marry in Skyrim applies to men as well. Depending on which type of benefits you’re looking for, you’ll want a different partner. Check out the list below to see which Skyrim residents are available for marriage and any extra perks they might bring along with them.

    Note that in the table below, DLC options are marked with an asterisk.

    All Male Marriage Options

    NameAboutPerksLocationMarriage Conditions
    AinethachBreton, MinerOwns Karthwasten HallKarthwasten in The ReachClear Sanuarach Mine of mercenaries
    Angrenor Once-HonoredNord, BeggarNoneWindhelmGive him one gold piece
    Argis the BulwarkNord, WarriorFollowerVlindrel Hall in MarkarthBecome Thane of the Reach
    AthisDark Elf, Warrior, member of CompanionsOne-handed Trainer, FollowerJorrvaskr in WhiterunComplete the Companions questline
    BalimundNord, BlacksmithOwns The Scorched Hammer, Smithing TrainerThe Scorched Hammer in RiftenComplete favor: Stoking the Flames quest
    BelrandNord, SpellswordFollowerThe Winking Skeever, SolitudeHire him at least once
    BenorNord, WarriorFollowerMorthalChallenge him to a brawl and win
    CalderNord, WarriorFollowerHjerim in WindhelmBecome Thane of Eastmarch
    CosnachBreton, WarriorFollowerSilver-Blood Inn in MarkarthChallenge him to a brawl and win
    DerkeethusArgonian, RangerFollowerDarkwater CrossingFind and rescue him
    FarkasNord, Warrior, member of The CompanionsFollower, Heavy Armor TrainerJorrvaskr in WhiterunComplete the Companions questline
    FilnjarNord, BlacksmithOwns Filnjar's HouseShor’s StoneComplete Mine or Yours quest
    Gat gro-ShargakhOrc, MinerNoneLeft-hand Mine/Kolskeggr MineClear Kolskeggr Mine for Pavo Attius
    Ghorbash the Iron HandOrc, RangerFollowerDushnikh YalConvince him to become a follower
    Gregor*Nord, WarriorFollowerHeljarchen HallBecome Thane of the Pale
    Halbarn Iron-Fur*Nord, BlacksmithNoneThirsk Mead Hall, south of Skaal VillageComplete favor: Halbarn Favor quest
    MarcurioImperial, Mage, SellswordFollowerThe Bee and the Barb in RiftenHire him at least once
    Moth gro-BagolOrc, BlacksmithNoneUnderstone Keep in MarkarthComplete favor: Coated in Blood quest
    Octieve SanBreton, Elderly citizenNoneSolitudeComplete favor: A Few Words With You quest
    Omluag Breton, SmelterNoneMarkarthComplete A Few Words With You quest
    OnmundNord, Sorcerer, Student at College of WinterholdFollowerCollege of WinterholdComplete favor: Onmund's Request
    Pavo AttiusImperial, MinerOwns Pavo's HouseLeft-hand Mine/Kolskeggr MineClear Kolskeggr Mine for him
    PerthBreton, MinerNoneSoljund's Sinkhole, east of Sky Haven TempleClear Soljund's Sinkhole for him
    Quintus NavaleImperial, ApothecaryNoneThe White Phial in WindhelmComplete Repairing the Phial quest
    Revyn SadriDark Elf, Store OwnerOwns Sadri's Used Wares, Speech TrainerSadri’s Used Wares in WindhelmComplete favor: Plant a stolen item
    Roggi Knot-BeardNord, MinerFollowerKynesgrove, south of WindhelmRetrieve Roggi's Ancestral Shield
    Romlyn DrethDark Elf, ThiefOwns Romlyn Dreth's HouseBlack-Briar Meadery in RiftenComplete favor: Under the Table quest
    Rulnik Wind-Strider*Nord, MageFollowerTemple of Kynareth in WhiterunChoose the Altar of Nothing during A Dying Wish quest
    Scouts-Many-MarshesArgonian, Dock WorkerLight Armor TrainerArgonian Assemblage in WindhelmComplete favor: A Few Words With You quest
    Sondas DrenimDark Elf, VendorNoneDarkwater CrossingComplete favor: Deliver a note
    Sorex ViniusImperial, InnkeeperOwns The Winking SkeeverThe Winking Skeever in SolitudeComplete favor: Deliver a bottle of rum
    StenvarNord, MercenaryFollowerCandlehearth Hall in WindhelmHire him at least once
    TorvarNord, Warrior, member of The CompanionsFollowerJorrvaskr in WhiterunComplete the Companions questline
    Valdimar*Nord, SorcererFollowerWindstad ManorBecome thane of Hjaalmarch
    VilkasNord, Warrior, WerewolfFollower, Two-Handed TrainerJorrvaskr in WhiterunComplete the Companions questline
    VorstagNord, WarriorFollowerSilver-Blood Inn in MarkarthHire him at least once
    WilhelmNord, InnkeeperOwns Vilemyr InnVilemyr Inn in IvarsteadComplete Lifting the Shroud quest

    How to Get Married in Skyrim

    Marriage ceremony in Skyrim.

    There are just a few simple steps to get married in Skyrim, and they’re pretty similar no matter which partner you decide to pursue.

    How to Get an Amulet of Mara

    The first thing you will want to do to get married in Skyrim is complete whichever quest or task is required for your desired partner. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to get an Amulet of Mara. These can be obtained in several places, but the most efficient route for getting one is to go to Riften and talk to Maramal, a Redguard priest and member of the Cult of Mara. He will either be in the Bee and Barb or the Temple of Mara. Buy the amulet from him for 200 gold, and then ask him about marriage.

    How to Propose

    The Amulet of Mara.

    Luckily, you don’t need to do a whole lot to propose in Skyrim. Simply put on your amulet of Mara, go speak with the person you wish to marry (after you’ve completed their quest or favor), and you’ll be able to ask them to marry you.

    How to Hold a Wedding

    Speak again with Maramal, and he will set up your wedding. Note that once you speak with him, your wedding will take place within the next 24 hours. You should stay at the Temple and wait for periods at a time to ensure you don’t miss your wedding. If you miss it, you could end up standing up your spouse and miss the opportunity to marry them entirely.

    How to Divorce/Remarry in Skyrim

    Unfortunately, without mods, there is no way to get a divorce and remarry in Skyrim. If you are so sick of your spouse that you just can’t look at them anymore, your only option is to kill them off. But even after they’re dead, you will not be able to remarry.