This is Straw in Skyrim.

Skyrim: Where to Get Straw

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Straw is one of the most sought-after materials in Skyrim. It is used to make beds, trophies, archery targets, and apiaries. But first, you’ll need to know how to find straw to best upgrade your home.

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    Straw Usages

    There are several reasons you’ll want to know how to find Straw in Skyrim. Since the addition of the Hearthfire DLC, players have been able to purchase land and build homes. The homes can include kitchens, greenhouses, libraries, alchemy labs, and trophy rooms. Within the rooms, numerous amenities can also be constructed and added. Straw is necessary if you’re looking to add a bed to your new house, craft a trophy to put on display, make an archery target to practice on, or construct an apiary. You can use a workbench to make these items.

    How to Make Beds

    A bed in Skyrim.

    There are two types of beds you can craft at a Carpenter’s Workbench—a child’s bed and a double bed. The following are the items you’ll need to make them:

    • Child’s bed: One Sawn log, one Nail, two Leather strips, one Straw
    • Double bed: Two Straw, four Leather strips, two Nails, two Sawn Logs

    How to Make Trophies

    A trophy in Skyrim.

    There are several types of trophies you can make in Skyrim. The following are the ones that require straw for crafting:

    Large Base Trophies:

    • Bear: One Straw, two Bear Claws, Bear Pelt or Cave Bear Pelt
    • Chaurus: Three Chaurus Chitin, one Straw
    • Cow: One Straw, Cow Hide
    • Deer: Large Antlers, one Straw, Deer Hide
    • Draugr: One Straw, Ancient Nord Sword, five Bone Meal
    • Frost Troll: Troll Fat, one Straw, Troll Skull
    • Frostbite Spider: Two Frostbite Venom, one Straw
    • Horker: Two Horker Tusk, one Straw
    • Sabre Cat: One Straw, Sabre Cat Pelt, two Sabre Cat Tooth
    • Snow Bear: Two Bear Claws, Snow Bear Pelt, one Straw
    • Troll: One Straw, Troll Fat, Troll Skull
    • Wolf: Wolf Pelt, one Straw

    Small Base Trophies:

    • Draugr: Five Bone Meal, Ancient Nord Bow, one Straw, six Ancient Nord Arrow
    • Goat: One Straw, Goat Hide, two Goat Horns
    • Hargraven: Two Hargraven claws, six Hargraven feathers, one Straw
    • Ice Wolf: Ice Wolf Pelt, one Straw
    • Skeever: Charred Skeever Hide, Skeever Tail, one Straw
    • Slaughterfish: Three Slaughterfish Scales, one Straw

    How to Make Archery Targets

    Archery targets in Skyrim.

    Archery Targets are a furnishing that can easily be crafted for your armory. They’re easy to make, only requiring two Leather Strips, one Sawn Log, and four Straw.

    How to Make Apiaries

    An apiary in Skyrim.

    Apiaries, or Bee Houses, are outdoor structures you can build in Skyrim. You can get Honeycomb and Bees from crafting this. To make one, simply use two Sawn Logs, one Nail, and one Straw at a Carpenter’s Workbench.

    Where to Get Straw

    Luckily, Straw is extremely easy to find. You can buy it for very cheap at every major general store in Skyrim. Below, we’ve listed all the locations in which you can purchase Straw.

    Falkreath: Gray Pine Goods

    The Falkreath general store.

    The owner of the store is Solaf. Gray Pine Goods will be the very first building on the right when you walk into the city.

    Markarth: Arnleif and Sons Trading Company

    The Markarth general store.

    You can find Arnleif and Sons Trading Company just inside the city gate on the right side in Markarth. Speak with Lisbet to purchase Straw.

    Riften: The Pawned Prawn

    The Riften general store.

    To get to The Pawn Prawn in Riften, head straight once inside the gate. When you come to a fork, take a right. Just before reaching Honeyside, take a left followed by another quick right, and the store will be on your right side. Bersi Honey-Hand is the owner.

    Riverwood Trader: Riverwood

    The Riverwood general store.

    Riverwood Trader is located just past the blacksmith on the right-hand side when you enter Riverwood. Speak with Lucan Valerius to purchase Straw.

    Solitude: Bits and Pieces

    The Solitude general store.

    Bits and Pieces is the second store on the right-hand side when you pass through the Solitude gate. Sayma owns the store, so speak with her to get Straw.

    Whiterun: Belethor’s General Goods

    The Whiterun general store.

    Walk straight until you get to the market square in Whiterun, and Belthor’s General Goods will be the first building on your right. You can purchase Straw from Belethor, the owner.

    Windhelm: Sadri’s Used Wares

    The Windhelm general store.

    Windhelm is notorious for being more difficult to navigate than the other cities, so the general store is in a less obvious location. Once you’ve entered the city gate, immediately head to your right, up the stairs. At the top, take a quick left down another set of stairs, and continue down the alley. Proceed up the small set of stairs ahead of you and take another right, down yet another set of stairs. Here, you can either go right or left, and you’ll want to head down the left path. Follow this path for a ways until you reach Sadri’s Used Wares on the left-hand side. Speak with Sadri to purchase the Straw.

    Winterhold: Birna’s Oddments

    The Winterhold general store.

    When you first enter Winterhold, walk past the first two buildings and continue straight. Birna’s Oddments will be the next building on your left. Speak with Birna to purchase the Straw.