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Skyrim: Where to Sell Dragon Bones

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You will run into countless battles against dragons in Skyrim, and their loot is quite heavy—but valuable. Thus, you’ll need to know where to sell Dragon Bones and Scales.

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    What to Know Before Selling Your Dragon Bones

    Towards the start of the game, you might be inclined to sell any Dragon Bones or Scales you pick up, as they’re worth a decent amount of money. However, you might want to keep some of these materials to craft weapons and armor later in the game. The Dragon Bones can be used to craft the following weapons and armor:

    • All Dragonplate armor
    • All Dragonplate insulated armor
    • All Dragonbone weapons (including Dragonbone arrows)

    Likewise, Dragon Scales can also be used to craft the following weapons and armor:

    • All Dragonscale armor
    • All studded Dragonscale armor
    • All Dragonplate armor
    • All Dragonplate insulated armor
    A Dragon Bone.

    Where to Sell Dragon Bones

    Luckily, Dragon Bones and Scales are actually incredibly easy to sell in Skyrim. You can sell them at any general store, potion shop, and to other miscellaneous merchants.

    General Stores

    The General Store in Markarth.

    The following is a list of all the general stores you can sell Dragon Bones and Scales at in Skyrim:

    • Falkreath: Gray Pine Goods
    • Markarth: Arnleif and Sons Trading Company
    • Riften: The Pawned Prawn
    • Riverwood Trader: Riverwood
    • Solitude: Bits and Pieces
    • Whiterun: Belethor’s General Goods
    • Windhelm: Sadri’s Used Wares
    • Winterhold: Birna’s Oddments

    Potion Shops

    A Potions Shop in Whiterun.

    The following is a list of all the potion shops you can sell Dragon Bone sand Scales at in Skyrim:

    • Solitude: Angeline’s Aromatics
    • Whiterun: Arcadia’s Cauldron
    • Riften: Elgrim’s Elixirs
    • Falkreath: Grave Concoctions
    • Morthal: Thaumaturgist’s Hut
    • Markarth: The Hag’s Cure
    • Dawnstar: The Mortar and Pestle
    • Windhelm: The White Phial

    Other Merchants

    The Thieves Guild Merchant.

    In addition to your typical general stores and potion shops, Skyrim includes other types of merchants and vendors that you may also be able to sell Dragon Bones to. Depending on which quests you completed, you can also sell Dragon Bones to miscellaneous merchants, such as Tonilia from the Thieves Guild or Enthir (who also purchases stolen goods) in the College of Winterhold.

    How to Sell Dragon Bones Most Effectively

    No extra steps are required to sell Dragon Bones and Scales in general stores or potion shops. But if you’re looking to have an easier time or make more money per sale, there are some measures you might want to take.

    Sell Any Item Anywhere

    The Merchant perk.

    While there are already numerous options available to sell your Dragon Bones and Scales, perhaps you’re looking to make this process even easier. If you manage to reach level 50 Speech, you can unlock the Merchant perk. This perk makes it so that you can sell any type of item to any merchant in Skyrim.

    Get More Gold per Dragon Bone

    The Haggling perk.

    There are several perks you can unlock to increase the amount of gold you get per sale of your Dragon Bones and Scales. If you upgrade the first perk—Haggling—all five times, you can get 30% better prices for buying and selling in general. Additionally, the Allure perk allows you to get 10% better prices when buying or selling from the opposite sex.

    Increase Gold of Merchants

    The Master Trader perk.

    Leveling up your Speech skills so you can earn more gold per each Dragon Bone that you sell can get frustrating quickly. Unfortunately, it is often the case that merchants don’t have enough gold to keep up with what you’re selling. Luckily, the Master Trader perk helps with this problem. Granted, you will need level 100 Speech for this perk. But if you can unlock it, the perk gives every merchant in Skyrim 1,000 more gold for bartering. This will save you countless trips or reloads.

    Furthermore, the Investor perk allows you to invest 500 gold in a shopkeeper, and this will also increase their supply of gold permanently.