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Slay The Spire: The Du Vu Doll

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When ascending the spire, you will often find Curses. These cards take up space in your deck and often debuff the player. However, certain relics can make use of them. One such relic is the Du Vu Doll.

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    What is the Du Vu Doll?

    The Du Vu Doll is an unlockable rare relic that gives the player one strength for each curse that is in their deck. For example, if you begin a battle with three curses in your deck, then you will receive an additional three strength at the start of that battle.

    The Du Vu Doll's description in the compendium.

    How to Get the Du Vu Doll

    The Du Vu Doll has a small chance to appear in medium and large chests. It can also appear as a reward for defeating elites.

    The Du Vu Doll in a medium chest. It is linked to the Sapphire Key.

    It can also appear and be purchased from the Merchant for 285-315 gold.

    The player's cursor hovers over the Du Vu doll relic and the tooltips are shown accordingly.

    If you are undertaking a daily challenge or a custom run, it will appear as part of the Cursed Run modifier, whereby you will automatically start with the relic.

    The "Cursed Run" Modifier active in a custom run.

    Uses and Synergies

    The Du Vu Doll synergizes well with other relics that either benefit from obtaining curses (i.e. Darkstone Preapt), give the player curses throughout their run (i.e. Cursed Key, Calling Bell, Necronomicon), or can exhaust them (i.e. The Blue Candle). The Blue Candle lets you pick up the most dangerous curses, safe in the knowledge you can exhaust them, thus nullifying their debuffs.

    The Blue Candle description.

    Without the Blue Candle, you will need to be much pickier about what curses should be in your deck. Curses like Normality are almost never worth keeping in your deck, even with the Du Vu Doll.

    The Normality card and description.

    Even relatively “harmless” curses will still take up precious card draws. This means that you will need to balance the additional strength with ensuring that your deck is not filled with unplayable cards. Even with the Blue Candle, having curses in your deck will still require you to draw them to exhaust them. This can massively affect your early turns in a battle if you have too many of them.

    As a source of strength, the Du Vu Doll synergizes well with multi-hit attack cards and cards like the Ironclad’s Limit Break. It is an especially powerful relic for the Watcher. This is because any additional strength she obtains can be doubled or tripled by her Wrath Stance or Divine Stance respectively.

    Artwork for the Watcher from the Character Select Screen by Analis Dorta.

    The Du Vu Doll will often offer a small benefit on your runs. You are guaranteed to have 1 additional strength, from the Ascender’s Bane Curse on Ascensions 10 and above. However, beyond this small benefit, the Du Vu doll’s use becomes more situational. This is because it relies on synergies with other cards and relics.