Mini game in which you can get Bottled Ectoplasm.

Spiritfarer: How to Get Bottled Ectoplasm

Use Bottled Ectoplasm to improve your boat.

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Key Takeaway

You can get Bottled Ectoplasm by playing the mini game offered by Stanley’s pet beetle, Jacob.

Bottled Ectoplasm is an important resource when constructing buildings, making improvements, or upgrading your boat. You’ll want to have a good amount of it, so take advantage of the mini game offered by Stanley’s pet beetle, Jacob.

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    What Is Bottled Ectoplasm?

    Bottled Ectoplasm is considered a type of Gem in Spiritfarer. By description, it is a ghoulish phantom that is trapped in a bottle. You can sell it for 220 Glim.

    Bottled Ectoplasm Uses

    Stella in the Cellar.

    Bottled Ectoplasm is used for construction, improvements, and boat upgrades.


    • Cellar (First Copy): 10 Bottled Ectoplasm


    • Beverly’s Farmhouse Improvement: 5 Bottled Ectoplasm
    • Chicken Coop Improvement: 5 Bottled Ectoplasm
    • Cellar Improvement: 7 Bottled Ectoplasm

    Boat Upgrades

    • Mist Cleaner 1000: 3 Bottled Ectoplasm

    Where to Get Bottled Ectoplasm

    You can only get Bottled Ectoplasm through an event triggered by Stanley’s pet beetle, Jacob. Once you’ve gotten Stanley on board, you will eventually get one Bottled Ectoplasm by completing one of his quests. After this happens, you’ll have the option to interact with his beetle, Jacob, and you can play a minigame to collect more Bottled Ectoplasm.

    How to Get Stanley

    Stanley and Stella in a boat.

    To get Stanley to join your crew, you must utilize the Mysterious Seeds. Once you obtain some Mysterious Seeds, simply plant them, wait two days, and then harvest them in hopes that one can summon Stanley. Note that this may take several tries to work, because not every Mysterious Seed will have the ability to summon Stanley.

    Mysterious Seeds are different from the Odd Seeds that are sold by Francis.

    Fishing for Mysterious Seeds

    You can fish Mysterious Seeds out of the water from any location. The one caveat is that you must have already escorted at least four Spirits through the Everdoor before you can catch Mysterious Seeds.