Coffee Bean Seeds highlighted in the menu in front of the Field.

Spiritfarer: Every Seed and Where to Get Them

Become the farming master by growing every Seed.

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Seeds play an important role in Spiritfarer. You can grow Seeds into different foods and materials that you’ll need along the way. Most Seeds can be purchased from Racoon Inc., though some are a bit more difficult to obtain.

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    Seed Uses

    A big part of Spiritfarer is farming. Throughout the game, you can collect different types of Seeds and grow them in different buildings on your boat. These Seeds will grow into different produce and materials that you will need along your journey. Spirits will often request different foods, and Seeds can be used to grow the ingredients for these meals. Additionally, you can use Seeds to grow materials that you’ll need for other buildings or improvements.

    How to Grow Seeds

    Corn Seeds highlighted in the menu, in front of the Field.

    To grow Seeds, you must simply plant them, water them, and wait. Different Seeds need to be planted in different buildings between the Field, Garden, and Orchard. You can also speed up the growing process for these Seeds by playing the guitar in front of them.

    All Seeds – Cost and Locations

    There are three main types of Seeds: Field Seeds, Garden Seeds, and Orchard Seeds. In addition to the locations mentioned below, you can sometimes be gifted Seeds from passengers on your boat.

    Field Seeds

    The Field on Stella's boat.
    SeedProducedRacoon Inc. LocationsPriceOther Locations
    Coffee Beans SeedCoffee Beans x2 Hummingberg and
    Bottom Line Corp.
    75 GlimN/A
    Corn SeedCorn x5 Hummingberg and Bottom Line Corp60 GlimCrates in Hummingberg Region, possible in [98, 69], [50, 100], [9, 65], [102, 142], [-27, 116]
    Cotton SeedCotton Fibre x4 Loneberg150 GlimCrates in Loneberg Region: possible in [-144, 105], [-159, 133], [-181, 170], [-170, 211], [-51, 171]
    Garlic SeedGarlic x1 Greymist Peaks180 GlimN/A
    Linen SeedLinen Fibre x3 Hummingberg, Furogawa, Hikarishima Lighthouse, and Bottom Line Corp.70 GlimN/A
    Rice SeedRice x3 Furogawa70 GlimCrates in Furogawa Region: possible in [-56, 38], [-83, 48], [-84, 24]
    Sugar Cane SeedSugar Cane x2 Edgeborough Lane200 GlimN/A
    Sunflower Seed Sunflower Seeds x4 Nordweiler140 GlimN/A
    Tea SeedTea leaves x2 Hikarishima Lighthouse150 GlimN/A
    Tomato SeedTomato x3 Greymist Peaks200 GlimN/A
    Wheat SeedWheat x3 Oxbury100 GlimCrates in Oxbury Region: possible in [181, 22], [130, -119]

    Garden Seeds

    The Garden on Stella's boat.
    SeedProducedRaccoon Inc. LocationsPriceOther Locations
    Cabbage Seed Cabbage x1 Nordweiler and Loneberg90 GlimN/A
    Carrot SeedCarrot x3 Hummingberg and Bottom Line Corp45 GlimCrates in Hummingberg Region: possible in [98, 69], [50, 100], [9, 65], [102, 142], [-27, 116]
    Celery SeedCelery x3 Nordweiler150 GlimN/A
    Fireglow SeedFireglow x2 N/AN/ACollect during Fireflies Event
    Leek SeedLeek x4 Furogawa45 GlimN/A
    Lettuce SeedLettuce x1 Hikarishima Lighthouse35 GlimN/A
    Mysterious SeedStanleyN/AN/AFish out of water anywhere after escorting four Spirits through Everdoor
    Odd Seed Random assortment of Tchotchkes and Empty Bottles N/A500 GlimPurchase from Francis, the wandering merchant
    Onion SeedOnion x1 Greymist Peaks250 GlimN/A
    Potato SeedPotato x4 Oxbury110 GlimCrates in Oxbury Region: possible in [181, 22], [130, -119]
    Turnip SeedTurnip x3 Hummingberg and Bottom Line Corp50 GlimCrates in Hummingberg Region: possible in [98, 69], [50, 100], [9, 65], [102, 142], [-27, 116]

    Orchard Seeds

    The Orchard on Stella's boat.
    SeedProducedRacoon Inc. LocationsPriceOther Locations
    Apple SeedApple x4 Furogawa990 GlimN/A
    Cherry SeedCherry x7 Hikarishima Lighthouse1,200 GlimN/A
    Mulberry SeedSilk Fibre x5 Oxbury2,000 GlimN/A
    Peach SeedPeach x4 Greymist Peaks8,000 GlimComplete an Errand for Francis, the wandering merchant
    Pear SeedPear x3 Nordweiler1,640 GlimN/A
    Olive SeedOlive x7 Edgeborough Lane2,120 GlimN/A